Client Testimonial

Carrie Stadelman

Before I started with Lacey I was sort of wandering around. I would hop around from one promo to the next. Buying help guides, or marketing calendars, and never actually stepping up to do it. While working with Lacey, I realized that there was a lot of baggage that I was putting into my business that I didn’t recognize as a problem. I have now been able to see the problem as they come, and start to work around it in a more positive way.

After starting to work with Lacey, I realized that my target client was not in fact the one that I was trying to market too, and I found a more clear vision of who my target audience is. I would 1000% recommend Lacey to any who is really feeling like they need to pick up their business, and are wandering around and not actually accomplishing anything. Lacey is a great coach who keeps you accountable, even when you are as busy as I am, and helps you see yourself in a positive light. I am so grateful for what she has done for me in just the short amount of time that we have worked together.


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