Client Testimonial

Ashley Gartland

The thing I’ve loved most about working with Lacey is how much she’s challenged me to rethink old thought patterns and beliefs that don’t serve me because that deep inner work has transformed more than my business. It’s also transformed myself.

Since working with Lacey I have hit my first $17K month and had two of my best months of sales to date. I also project that I’ll hit my first $150K year while working with her (though that result hasn’t happened yet, it is a done deal in my mind based on the work we’ve put in, plans we’ve laid and projected revenue). She also challenged me to launch a podcast, which is something I’ve wanted to do forever but didn’t think I was “ready” for or had time for. Lacey helped me see that I was wrong – that podcast will launch in a month!

I have more confidence in my work, and am a better coach because I’ve received coaching from Lacey. I more deeply understand my unique strengths and perspective as a coach, and am developing my thought leadership on a whole new level. I’ve also made some big mindset shifts that have allowed me to show up differently in my business, and life, and that’s everything for me.

I think it’s important for people to know that the coaching will often feel uncomfortable and it will challenge you but if you are open to having those important conversations with Lacey, the partnership will be truly transformative. She creates a safe space for her clients and is 100 percent supportive of them building a business and lit up life.


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