Client Testimonial

Ash Johns

What I loved most about my first container with Lacey is the safe space she created for me to completely unfold and fall apart. I never felt judged, only celebrated, elevated, honored and encouraged.

I got to REST in / from my burnout and still surpass my revenue goal, making my first six figure year…while I mostly took off Oct-Dec! I also finally launched my podcast ALL thanks to her.

I learned how to accept and state my desires which has literally changed my life, and now I’m learning to translate that into how I run my business with support and team. I got to see the ways in which I hadn’t embodied the healing I know in my own life so I got handed the medicine I need and often give to others, which is priceless!

Lacey is incredibly brilliant and while she can truly “see me” I never felt pressured. Her ability to follow my unfolding while holding my goals in her peripherals is incredible.

I would MOST DEF recommend Lacey, over and over again! Hell I can’t see myself working with anyone else!


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