Client Testimonial

Ariel Frey

When I started working with Lacey, I had experienced a dip in income and was going through a tough time personally. I wanted to trust myself more and scale my business with more consistency and ease.

After 5 years together I can honestly say I am the most grounded, peaceful, and present that I’ve ever felt. I’ve learned that success is about so much more than how much money you make. I’ve had a successful business for a number of years, but now I truly feel successful as a mom and entrepreneur. I’m creating a beautiful life for myself and my daughter and my business supports that.

I’m more confident about my life and business decisions. I trust myself to take actions that create the life I want for myself and my daughter, even when they are uncomfortable. I’ve also learned to love looking at data when making business decisions.

Lacey is the most kind, generous, supportive, smart coach, friend, and business mentor. She is a truly special gem in the world and in the online industry. I have always felt seen, supported, and understood, while also knowing that she is willing to push me to stretch myself.


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