Client Testimonial

Anna Rapp

Before working with Lacey I didn’t have much of a business and was making a few thousand dollars. She has taken me from the ground up and helped me sign my first high ticket clients, become fully booked out, hit my first six figure year, hit my first multiple six figure year, and hit my first multiple five figure launch.

Working with Lacey has truly changed everything about my life in the best way. I am a more patient and present mama and a happy empowered woman. I bought a house, got a new hobby, travel, and make a lot of money, which is a beautiful part of all of this. For me, money means I can have stability as a single mama, create stability for my children, and it allows me to travel and have freedom.

Life is very vibrant and my version of success is exactly what I have now. I love my business and client work and I am able to keep my workload under 20 hours a week, which is the biggest priority for me. I am dating, have wonderful friendships, am a happy fulfilled mama, and feel grounded, peaceful, safe, and secure.

Working with Lacey has changed my life forever. Because of Lacey’s support and guidance, I am able to feel good and grow through challenges. Working with Lacey has this trickle down effect where my clients and kids also receive that positive energy and I cannot recommend her highly enough!

Watch Anna’s video testimonial here.


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