Client Testimonial

Anna Frandsen

I remember the moment when I read the message on my phone; we were BBQing in the backyard and I told my husband that I’d be working with my *dream* coach was over the next six months. I couldn’t *believe* that Lacey believed in me. In my business. In my potential. It made me want to believe too..and things have only gotten better.

Fast fwd half a year… I’ve quit my job. Replaced my income. Filled my client load. Created passive income. Grown my group to 2K. Created months of content in advance. Taken time off for my family and pre-sold/maintained my income.

I love the work I do. I get off calls with clients and cry. I tell my husband how amazing the women I get to work with are; how kind and compassionate, driven and brilliant. They ARE changing the world and I get to strategize and empower them.

…the secret? It’s Lacey.

She appears amazing from a distance; and working with her is even better. She’s brilliant, honest, empowering, strategic, intuitive, understanding, loving and so consistent. I KNOW I would not be where I am today without her. PERIOD. I know that God brought her along my path at just the right time. So thank you Lacey.

Since first working with Lacey, I have now reached multiple six figures in my business. Over the past three years, I have worked with over a hundred clients and my Facebook group has grown to over 7000 members. Plus, I am planning my third event for clients this summer and I am so delighted!

My work with Lacey, especially at the start, was imperative in setting the strong foundation to all the success I see right now. It was the gift that continues to give in my business. I am so thankful to Lacey not just for her investment in my business, my business’ results, and my clients’ lives, but also in my personal life as well. I cannot recommend Lacey any higher!


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