Client Testimonial

Andrea Cecie

Lacey has been AMAZING to work with!

She was really able to dig deep on thoughts/beliefs that I didn’t always realize were messing with my mindset. Lacey helped me become aware of old patterns (and reframe them) so that I could finally move forward. Lacey is skilled at knowing what can get you results and is always available to share with you the guidance on how to do it.

While working together, I was able to get really clear on my messaging, content, consistency, and visibility. I now have SO much more confidence in my abilities as a business coach and did this all while also working my corporate job. All in all, I grew so much as a person and an entrepreneur during our time together.

Our work really has been a pivotal point in my growth as an entrepreneur, and Lacey’s willingness to continually help me break down barriers has helped me tremendously in moving forward. Lacey is the coach that everyone needs! She is truly magical and will change your biz and life, and I HIGHLY recommend her!


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