Client Testimonial

Aislinn Walton

Before working with Lacey, my business was generating consistent 5 figure months, with groups, 1:1 coaching and masterminds. I had consistency but knew I could uplevel even more and work towards more people in my containers and pay in full clients for longer term offers.

So much has been refined since working with Lacey! I had multiple 5 figure pay in fulls, 500+ people join masterclasses, and we worked deeply on creating even more confidence. She has helped me rewrite disempowering stories and beliefs and heal doubts and insecurities.

Lacey helped me to refine exactly how I help people with even more authority. Before her, things worked very well, but I was still afraid to really claim the power of my work and the results I help my clients get. Working with dream clients is the norm now and I’m not hiding behind any vagueness anymore!

I hired Lacey because I could see myself in her and loved her practical, straight forward yet gentle way of supporting me. I always felt like I could bring my “all” to her and never felt like I had too much- she welcomed my process and encouraged me to ask for anything I needed.

Lacey made me feel seen, validated, and also infused an energy of “your goals are important and of course we will reach them.” She helped me realize where I was overanalyzing my way out of my emotions and continued to reflect gentle alignment back to me the entire time.


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