Lynsey Landry

“Lacey literally was the BEST thing that ever happened to my business.”

Lynsey Landry
Intuitive + Spiritual Business Mentor

Jessi Honard

“My business is having its best year ever and it couldn’t have happened without Lacey’s help!”

Jessi Honard
Messaging Strategist

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“With Lacey, I left my 9-5 without skipping a financial beat, grew my list by double and my group by triple, sold out my practice, launched two successful group programs, hired a new team member, and had my first $5k and $6k months.”

Kate Boyd
Business Coach + Messaging Strategist


“I’ve quit my job. Replaced my income. Filled my client load. Created passive income. Grown my group to 2K. Created months of content in advance. Taken time off for my family and pre-sold/maintained my income.”

Anna Frandsen
Business Mentor + Coach for Women Entreprenurs

Sarah Pelc

“Working with Lacey has been the single BEST decision I’ve made for my business.”

Sarah Pelc Graca
Health + Wellness Coach

Mollie Fagan Headshot

“While working with Lacey, I doubled the size of my email list AND doubled my monthly income!!”

Mollie Fagan
Success Coach

Maggie Reyes

“I am creating a sustainable business that I love, one day at a time.”

Maggie Reyes
Life Coach for Marriage + Relationships

“My family life is a priority AND my business is thriving…at the same time!”

Sara Wiles
Virtual Assistant

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“I loved that her suggestions and coaching come from her innate ability to help people, as well as her background in mental health counseling and ethical leadership.”

Paula Diaco
Writing + Storyteller


“Since working with Lacey…so much has changed! I tripled my monthly income in the first 90 days, and it just continued from that point.”

Sarah Kornblet
Attorney for Online Entrepreneurs

Katey Smyth

“Lacey is one of the most selfless, compassionate, and hard working coaches I know. She also goes beyond and above for her clients!”

Katey Olivia Smyth
Mindset and Transformation Coach

Megan Schopieray

“Lacey’s amazing at challenging you to step out of your comfort zone without forcing you into a box or telling you what to do.”

Megan Schopieray
Online Business Manager

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“Working with Lacey was the best business decision I could have ever made.”

Jennifer Maynard
Leadership & Business Coach

Lisa Eaton Ling

“When you work with Lacey, you truly have someone in your corner who wants your business to succeed, but who also wants YOU to succeed, in whatever ways that may look like for you.”

Lisa Eaton Ling
Psychotherapist, Mindset Strategist, & Success Coach

Mariana Ruiz

“Thanks to the work I did with Lacey, I have been able to close clients without feeling sleazy and increased my close rate from less than 10% to 80%.”

Mariana Ruiz
Business Coach for Mompreneurs

Sarah Cohn

“Lacey was there every step of the way, providing feedback, tips, and lots of encouragement.”

Sarah Cohn
Brand + Being Mentor


“[Lacey] will give you exactly the advice you need to get unstuck, move forward and grow your business.”

Natascha Ratzlaff
Digital Fairy Godmother


“Lacey is the Real Deal”

Katrina McGhee
Certified Life Coach

Close Crop Headshot_Green

“I loved her willingness to adapt her coaching to support me in the way I needed.”

Kaira Boston
Creative Business Strategist


My favourite thing about working with Lacey was having that voice of reason and a great sounding board when all the ideas were getting overwhelming.”

Rushani Mahendran


“Working with Lacey to create my content plan completely blew my mind”

Kelita Kellman
Business Strategist and Implementation Coach

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She gave me more insight in one Intensive than ALL the other business coaches I’ve worked with in 6 years.

Jodi Scott
Life and Relationship Coach

“She is a genuine, delightful, person of exceptional warmth, possessing understanding beyond her years and a wonderful sense of humor. “

Trudy Estes
Owner,Old Houses and Things

“I think her business experience, expertise and authenticity really sets her apart from other business coaches. I friggen’ love Lacey! “

Laura Rivett
Founder, The Movement Project

“She is not just a coach with “fluffy talk,” Lacey is dynamo who will help you (and push you) to get results! “

Owner, Wise Owl Marketing

” If you aren’t working with Lacey yet, WORK WITH HER! I was skeptical of business coaches but this girl has totally changed my mindset. “

Molly Fedick
Founder, The Eighty Eight

“I would 1000% recommend Lacey to any who is really feeling like they need to pick up their business, and are wandering around and not actually accomplishing anything. “

Carrie Stadelman
Photographer / Owner, Freeland Photos

“I would not have had the courage or mindset to move forward if it weren’t for Lacey’s guidance and expertise. “

Kate Crocco
Lifestyle & Confidence Coach

” If you’re struggling with creating content for your business and need some clarity, I definitely recommend Lacey!”

Orly Wachter
Skincare Dietitian and Healthy Living Strategist

“Lacey was able to help me completely rethink the way I think about content.”

Sherry Elle
Wealth & Marketing Coach

“Deciding to do a content intensive with Lacey was the best decision ever!”

Julia Wells
Life Coach

“Thank you Lacey for the fresh perspective and no nonsense straight up talk about my branding. You lit up my life!!!”

Suzanne Taylor
Holistic Life Coach

” Lacey made the content creation process so much fun, and totally eliminated the feeling of overwhelm I had about it before working with her.”

Erika Elizabeth Persson
Mom’s Soul Purpose and Empowerment Maven

“Lacey is a laser-focused rockstar of a coach! “

Kelly Scott
Leadership & Wellness Coach


I felt an immediate connection to Lacey’s warm and holistic approach to coaching, and my time with her was pivotal to the growth of my business.

Jessica Comingore
Founder & Creative Director of Marbury


When I hired Lacey, I was totally expecting to level up in my business – what I didn’t expect was how much I was a going to level up in my LIFE!

Safia Sattaur
Certified Business + Self-Leadership Coach


My experience with Lacey was invaluable. I highly recommend her as a coach. We got clear, we planned, we implemented and we were a huge success together.

Lisa Laura
Creative Marketing Strategist & Empowerment Coach