What if you could hit $10k months, $100k launches, and beyond

….just from listening to a podcast?

I know that sounds like a rich promise, but these are ACTUAL pieces of feedback we’ve gotten from listeners of our podcast, LITerally®.

Why? Because LITerally® is unlike ANY podcast you’ve ever heard.

LITerally® shares the raw, unscripted experience of building an online business.

Each episode is a recording of actual coaching sessions between seven-figure business coach, Lacey Sites, and ONE of her clients over the course of six months.

That means no “one off” coaching session where everything seems perfect and wrapped in a bow by the end. That’s not how we roll.

We give you ALL the details, challenges, ups, downs, and everything in between with one coach and one client. Think of it as the “reality tv view” (minus the sleaze) of building an online business.

This podcast will completely transform how you look at online business, and give you a much-needed dose of inspiration and permission, as well as some very strategic and practical insights to help you get the best results possible.

Starting and Growing a Coaching Business from Square One as a Mother

This season with new business coach and mother, Monica, pulls back the curtain to share with you the *entire* journey of building a business from square one. After having an in-person business for many years, Monica is challenged by the transition to online coach and how to apply her experience. We cover everything from content marketing, to building out a sales process, to what to do when it feels like ‘nothing is working’. Tune in to hear Monica’s transformation and the results she creates in six months when starting from zero.


Behind the Scenes of a Multiple Seven-Figure Business

This season features my long-term client and multiple seven-figure business owner Sabrina. This was the most challenging and most popular season we’ve ever recorded. Tune in to hear how Sabrina navigates her goal of making $2 million in 6 months and getting her business set up for a future baby when life throws her some big curveballs. We go deep on everything from sales planning, to team breakdowns, to pricing convos, as well as mindset and how to stay motivated when things are just ‘good’. Tune in for a peek inside the brain and business of a multiple seven-figure earner and what it takes to really grow, scale, and refine at that level.


Scaling a Business to Multiple Five-Figure Months in a Gentle, Sustainable Way

This season with sex and pleasure coach Erika takes us behind-the-scenes on scaling a business in a gentle, sustainable way. Erika’s had success in business and comes to our work ready to take things to the next level. We dive into hiring new team members, focusing on money mindset, as well as tackling mindset, strategy, and execution around things like expansion, revenue forecasting, and business planning. Sometimes you need support when things aren’t going well, and sometimes you need support when things are working, and that’s exactly what you’ll witness this season. Tune in to hear how Erika’s business grows over our 6 months together.



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