Apply to be a future podcast client

Do you want to be considered for a future season of LITerally®?

For a long time, it seemed like the only success stories or “how-I-did-it” interviews that could be found online were quick snapshots of one person’s journey. (i.e. “It was hard, then it all worked out.”)

(insert eye roll emoji here)

In fact, I don’t know that there was ANY place you could go to see the full, unfiltered version of what it *actually* looks like to build a business… until my clients and I started pulling back the curtain to share the raw, unscripted experience ourselves on LITerally®.

Now I’m planning ahead, looking for people interested in being a future podcast client.

As a podcast client, you must be willing to be FULLY transparent and vulnerable (knowing it will air live 😉). I will expect you to show up BIG and BOLD and ready to commit 100%.

So if you resonate with my style of coaching and you’re interested in being considered as a future LITerally podcast client, I invite you to sign up below. Once I open applications for future seasons, you’ll be contacted via email with more details and an invitation to apply to be considered.

About me, your host:

As a seven figure business owner, I’ve made it my mission to help other women build and grow their own service-based business that truly lights them up and gives them the personal and financial freedom as well as the impact they’ve always desired.

I have my M.S in mental health counseling and my M.B.A. I’ve worked as a therapist and the director of a large non-profit. I’m the proud owner of two successful online businesses and the co-host of the Happy Thoughts Show Podcast.

I’ve helped my clients leave their 9-5s, fill their practices, have 5+ and 6+ figure program launches, hit their first 5k, 10k, 20k months… up to 300k+ months! In fact, 25 of the clients that have worked with me in the last year alone have ALREADY gone on to have $100k+ per year in business, and I’ve taken multiple clients $0-7 figures.