Incorporate More YOU While Staying True To Your Brand

How do you incorporate more of YOU into your business and messaging while still staying true to your brand?

After having amazing conversations with many women this week that went through #alituppartnership process, I’ve heard a lot of them saying that they’re finding striking that balance really challenging!

First, let’s talk about how your mindset impacts your ability to incorporate YOU into your business while staying on message!

Some of the mindset issues I’ve been noticing the most are:

*Not feeling like you are unique enough to incorporate YOU into your business

*Not feeling like your life is exciting enough to be a “lifestyle” brand

*Wondering why anyone would want to hear about YOU

*Feeling TOO different and worrying you’ll turn people off

*Seeing the two as total separate (i.e. feeling like your progressional and personal lives don’t mix AT ALL)

There are so many more “stories” that can impact our ability to show ourselves in our brand but these seem to be the most common!

I know I used to struggle with the story that no one wanted to hear about ME they just wanted to hear about the value I could offer them. Now, I know that value is important but I know that the person giving that value is just as important.

As Simon Sinek says… People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.

In other words, they buy the YOU behind the value.

One thing I see entrepreneurs do too often is feel like IF they are going to share themselves in their brand that they have to share EVERYTHING. That they have to tell people all about their day, their family, their ups & downs, their dinner, etc. That they need to be connected and advertising their lives 24/7.

Yet, that couldn’t be further from the truth. I don’t routinely share that much about the ins and outs of my personal life. However, I do share the ins and outs of running a business and how that effects me personally AND professionally. I share my why, my values, and my challenges –> THIS is what people want to hear.

The lifestyle stuff (the dinners, the family, etc.) is FINE, but it’s not necessary for your brand. Don’t feel like you have to share #allthethings. Share YOU, share the things that matter to your message, and be authentic because that is what people truly want and respond to.

It’s also important to always tie things TO your brand/message. Often we think it’s SO obvious why it ties back, but for people that haven’t read your website, or don’t know you as well this is crucial!

For example, when I share about my own mindset practice I need to tie it back to how that breeds success in business. When I share about self-care and getting a massage I need to draw the connection that it supports being a good business owner.

Finally, remember to say the things that aren’t always popular but are YOU!

For example, it’s not always the popular thing to talk about how this industry has to change, how we have to stop tying price to worth (or assuming that a high price coaching package means it’s the best), and how we need to create more trust within this industry. Yet, those beliefs and values are what make me… me, so they need to be shared.

Don’t be afraid to be YOU in what you’re doing, and if it’s not in line with the status quo… in my opinion, that’s even better 🙂

Now I’d love for you to share below… what makes you… YOU in your business and what do you want to incorporate more of?


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