How To Start Feeling Like You Have Worthwhile Content To Share

I want to talk about a mindset block that comes up a lot around content creation, and that is the feeling that you don’t have anything worthwhile to say. I often hear “I’d share and create content more, but I don’t have anything worthwhile to say”. Guess what? This is literally never true. We all have a unqiue story, outlook, knowledge, etc. We just have to get t past the mindset block and work on our worthiness! So what can you do? Here are my top five tips:

1.Dig Deep
If you’re experiencing major blocks around this topic then you’re likely having a lot of blocks around your own worthiness. Take some time to journal and reflect and try to figure out where this is coming from so you can start to move past it. Have you put out posts before to crickets? Has someone given you negative feedback on your message or story? Are you stuck in a cycle of perfectionism? Whatever it may be, once you recognize the block it becomes easier to move past it.
2. Affirmations
Practice daily affirmations that affirm your worthiness and that remind you that people want to hear your message and that they learn from you each time you share it. A couple of my favorites are: Affirmation2  Affirmation1
3. Don’t measure the success of your content by likes, comments, shares, etc.
We have all been there…poured our heart + soul into a post and then it totally falls flat and gets NO response (by the way… this still happens no matter how visible or successful you are!). The thing to remember is that this is not indicative of your impact. I once posted something that felt really raw and personal and it received 4 likes and absolutely no comments. I initially felt defeated but later received a beautiful message from a woman about how much it resonated with her and how it really gave her a different outlook on her own situation. So keep in mind… just because someone isn’t liking or commenting it doesn’t mean you’re not impacting them. I would post that all over again to zero likes + comments if it could impact that woman the same way.
4. If you can’t do it for you, remind yourself you’re doing it for someone else.
When we begin sharing our truth, message, and story it can often feel really overwhelming and scary. But if you can’t do it for yourself then remind yourself of the women out there that need to hear your story and do it for them.
5. Make it an easier process for yourself.
When you’re feeling overwhelmed it’s easy to feel unworthy. For example, “I don’t have anything worthy to say because I can’t come up with anything”. Start planning your content in a methodical way, well in advance, so when it comes time to share that content you’re literally pushing a button instead of having to go down the worthiness rabbit hole and create content at a moment’s notice.
You can also watch my video on this topic on A Lit Up Life’s brand spankin’ new YouTube channel here:


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