How to Solve the Biggest Issue in Your Biz and ACTUALLY Get Results NOW

Can we talk about the biggest unaddressed issue in our industry?
OK, good.
It’s solving the WRONG problems in your business.
I see this often with clients that come to me trying to solve a problem with “starting the sale” (i.e. getting more warm leads) by learning how to do discovery calls better… but it’s not the right solution to that problem.  Or they come to 1:1 coaching trying to solve a mindset/belief problem by getting even MORE strategy planned out. Again, not the right solution.
But I see this even more in this industry as a whole with people trying to solve growth (i.e. scaling, leveraging, calling in more clients) issues with more KNOWLEDGE.
No time to post on social media? Let me take a course on how to do social media better.
Want to build funnels to leverage your income? Let me buy a DIY product on how to build a funnel.
Not getting the press you want? Let me take a course on how to get more PR.
Except, if you’re trying to GROW and SCALE with funnels, social media, and PR you’re probably also busy with clients (and if you’re not, then you might not need to be focusing on these areas and you’re likely still solving the wrong problem, but that’s a whole other blog).  
You don’t need more INFORMATION. What you need is TEAM.
Whether that’s a coach to help you figure out how to make it all work for you (and how to step into who you need to BE to hit that next level), a VA to get sh*t DONE, or an OBM to support you in managing all of the moving pieces of your business— at a certain stage of the game, more knowledge gathering almost ALWAYS slows you down rather than speeds you up.
It doesn’t mean you can’t learn and grow… in fact there’s no time that you won’t be learning and growing.
It’s just that your learning should be related to the areas of expertise that are REQUIRED of you as the CEO at your next level.
That means…
As the CEO you don’t need to know how to do social media “better”, how to build out your click funnels, or how to get more podcast appearances.
What you REALLY need to know is how to BE the woman that runs and leads a team that knows how to do all of those things so YOU can do YOUR thang.
At this stage in my business my focus is on speaking about things that I care about, writing and creating content about things that I care about, and serving my clients really, really well. Oh, and on BEING the woman that can trust her team WHILE she focuses on all this!
It’s not on what post is going on what platform.
And if I KEPT focusing on that I wouldn’t be at this stage.
So more knowledge? It’s not going do what you think it’s going to do. It’s not going to make you smarter, better or more ready. It’s going to make you more overwhelmed, less productive and more CONVINCED that if you just knew XXX you’d finally make it.
In fact, I recently had this convo with a client. As she’s approaching being completely full in her practice, running a large FB group, creating content, starting a group program, being featured different places, etc. she was considering what her next best investment would be.
After our conversation, she committed that team (i.e. coaches, VAs, OBMs, etc.) were the ONLY investment she was available for the rest of the year. As a former course junkie this wasn’t easy… but it WAS her stepping into the level her business (and SELF) have grown to.
All it took was her catching up.
Her realizing that she’s now running a business that requires a LEADER (not just a coach).  
And that?! Well THAT is what will take you to the next level. Not just hiring the team but committing to being that next level version of you NOW.
The one who doesn’t constantly feel like she “doesn’t know enough”.
The one who knows her expertise and zone of genius and is willing to INVEST to continue living and working in it.
Now, let’s not vilify courses… those MAY have served you at one time. But if you’re ready to go to that next level and solve the right problem? Well, I got bad news. It’s probably time for course rehab.
As always, you have to figure out what’s right for you… but if you’re in the comfort zone of solving all your problems with KNOWLEDGE and you’re feeling like you’re on a never ending hamster wheel… the time has come. Time to be that next level leader and CEO and solve your problems with TEAM.
Because my love?
You know enough. You are enough. It’s time to show up and share it.


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