How to Overcome Your Sales Obstacles and Feel Good About It

Many service providers see sales as their biggest issue in business, because they haven’t yet cracked the code to finding a way that makes the sales process feel good. They aren’t yet sure how to step back from the “ick” factor – from the “I didn’t get into business to sell” story – and truly step into their power.
A lot of us need – and really want – a way to do sales that is actually about the service.
Here are 5 ways to overcome your sales obstacles and feel good about your sales process.

Being sold on you FIRST

The first thing we go DEEP on in my program Value-Centered Sales™ is getting sold on yourself first.
If you’re not bringing conviction to your sales process, if you’re not sold on what you’re offering before ANYONE else is…. it’s going to be REALLY challenging to make sales.
When you become your own biggest fan, get totally sold on yourself, and demonstrate that conviction in the sales process…everything changes and you find yourself making MORE sales with MORE ease.
The key here is to own that you’re valuable because you’re YOU, and that you selling your services is completely separate from that.

Shifting Your Mindset

Our VALUE as a PERSON isn’t determined by how many sales we make, how much engagement we get, etc.
However, in many ways we are selling the work we can do, the value we bring to the table, the stories we have, the experiences and wisdom we’ve cultivated, etc. So, it can get REAL confusing and we can start equating our self worth to our sales if we’re not careful (which btw is a recipe for disaster for your sales goals and your happiness).

Here are examples on how you can shift your mindset around this:

  1. What are the 3 benefits of working with you? (Notice how this question focuses on the results you get NOT who you are as a person at your core!)
  2. What are the 3 things you love most about yourself? (These should be totally independent of who you are in your business and what results you achieve {though they MAY support you in business}).

The key here is separating the two, knowing the difference between the two, and having lists to reference when you need a reminder of either. Because when this shift is set in place, your sales process becomes a whole lot easier.
Get into the MINDSET of being a service-provider running a business where clients are having success.

Don’t look for outside confirmation

You can’t be looking for outside confirmation of your value or the value of the service you provide, you have to create it for yourself.
How do you create it? Start giving yourself and others opportunity to experience your value and services! Start getting sold on yourself (mindset work) and start showing up and exchanging your services (the action).
For example, at the beginning of my coaching business I coached 3 people for FREE for 3 full months. Now, a lot of coaches will tell you to “never offer your services for free” and I will tell you that’s total bullshit.
The WORST thing you could do is come out of the gate completely unconfident, try to sell a super high ticket offer (because you think somehow this has to do with your self-worth) and then be crushed and confused when it doesn’t sell.
Instead, start doing the work (in whatever way you choose, doesn’t have to look like my path!) and let the results play out.
Start exchanging in your business and life in ways that FEEL GOOD rather than sitting and waiting for the next client to show up and confirm your worthiness.

Selling VS. Selling Yourself

We need to change the way we approach sales, which means we need to learn the difference between selling and selling YOURSELF.
In other words, I am always available to sell. I am never available to sell myself.  
We have to know our own internal value and have confidence in that value, so we can sell from a place of wholeness rather than desperation. We never want to be convincing people that WE are valuable.
Because that right there is exactly where this sales stuff gets fuzzy…when we tie our internal worth to our external ability to sell. For example…When you get a “no”, does it feel like people don’t want to buy YOU? On the other hand, when you get a “yes”, does your self-WORTH hang on that validation a little too much?
Can you witness and own that you’re valuable because you’re YOU, and that you selling your services is completely separate from that?

Take Action…Today

I want to challenge you to execute and sell in ONE way today. I see so many entrepreneurs stop selling altogether because they feel too uncomfortable, so we’re going to change that.

Here’s a simple list of things you could do:

  1. Reach out to an old prospect
  2. Tap into your current network and let them know you have openings for XYZ in your business
  3. Send your list a sales email
  4. Write a sales post and share it on social media
  5. Follow up with a lead

As entrepreneurs we so often feel like we need to devote our goal planning just to numbers, strategies, etc. but what I know to be true is that the more you love yourself, and the more you’re SOLD on yourself first, the more your business grows.
So as you’re looking at your upcoming goals, don’t forget to be a revolutionary. Don’t forget to love yourself first. And often. And a lot.
What way can you take action today? 


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