How to focus on what you actually have control over in your business

Have you ever asked yourself what you can REALLY control in your business?
As entrepreneurs, so much can feel out of our control, and frankly it can make us CRAZY. In fact, I would say it’s one of the most pervasive mindset challenges entrepreneurs face!
I see a lot of entrepreneurs (including many of my clients when they first come to me) trying to control ALLLLL the things they can’t control, and finding themselves running REAL fast on a hamster wheel.
When we focus on all the things we can’t actually control, it’s easy to get caught up in shiny object syndrome and doing WAY too many things.
Here are 3 tips on focusing on what you can actually control in your business (so that you can get the results you really want).

1. Get detached from the outcome

I’m a big believer that when we get detached from the outcome and attached to how we’re showing up that we can create MAGIC in our businesses.
But that means we have to be able to distinguish what we CAN control and what we can’t control so we can get attached to what’s in our power, and humbly surrender the rest to the Universe.

2. Embrace that things don’t have to be perfect to be good

We don’t have to feel great 24/7, have it all together, or love everything about our industry and our businesses.
We have to welcome both the happy AND the not so happy thoughts in our business so we can stop making ourselves WRONG and start creating results (even if they’re imperfect!).
I want you to give yourself permission…
Permission to both love our businesses AND feel frustrated by them.
Permission to be HUMAN and experience #allthethings without it meaning we’re failing.
Permission to have things be REALLY FREAKING GOOD without having them be perfect.  

3. Be consistent on the small things day to day

Our biggest results don’t come when we focus on the BIG goals.
They come when we focus on the small, consistent right actions that are in our control each day to complete and execute. The small goals that will ultimately bring those BIG goals to life.
Here are some examples of things you CAN control your consistency around:

  • Putting out content to get visible
  • Asking for the sale
  • Following up with leads
  • Reaching out and connecting with peers or potential clients
  • Sending newsletters to your current audience
  • Sharing your opt-in

If you show up and do these things consistently the results you’re TRYING to control will begin to show up like magic.
When you’re focused on everything you CAN’T control, it can be so stressful to figure out what you’re even showing up consistently FOR.
When you’re focused on what you CAN control, it becomes infinitely easier to figure out what you need to show up for, and how that can get you the results you want!
What about you? What is one thing in your control you can work on in your business that will move you closer to your BIG goal?


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