How To Create Your Magnetic Message

Creating your magnetic message is the first step to creating amazing content because great content can only come from a great message. The first thing you need to do is…
Get clear on what you do really well and lead with it
Many coaches or other service-based professionals help their clients in a variety of ways so they often have a real hesitation to lead with only one piece of what they help with. However, if you want to create a magnetic message I totally recommend it. I’m a business coach and I help my clients with ALL areas of their business, but I always lead with content creation. Why? Because I really excel at it and I feel strongly that this is the single most important piece to building an online presence and attracting your ideal clients. I also know that it’s the piece that sets me apart from other coaches and I know it’s the thing that makes my clients go “I NEED THAT”. Figure out what you really excel at and feel most passionate about out of all the things you help your clients with and lead with it. This is your first step in creating a magnetic message and starting to seriously attract clients.

Get clear on why you do it
One of my favorite business quotes ever is by Simon Sinek and he says, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it”. If you get clear on your WHY it becomes so much easier for people to buy into it as well. Figure out what your WHY is and then make sure your message is in line with it. You don’t need to put your WHY in your message necessarily but you want to make sure it’s congruent with your message. For example, if your WHY is because you’ve been where your ideal client has been and you want to help them get to where you’ve gotten then make sure you’re message is completely in line with that desire. When we have a WHY that doesn’t line up with our message we not only confuse ourselves, but our clients.
Get clear on who you do it for
As you start getting clear on your message you also have to get clear on who your ideal client is (#Protip it’s not everyone). A lot of the time I hear people say they are scared to narrow down their ideal client because they want to help everyone, or they don’t want to limit their business. Trust me, you do NOT want to help everyone, and by NOT picking an ideal client you will definitely limit your business. Make sure that as you narrow in on your message and start creating amazing content you know exactly who you’re creating that messaging and content FOR. The best way to do this? Start conducting ideal client interviews! Here are some basic questions you can ask in ideal client interviews. Make sure to tailor them to your business by putting in details about what you do/provide for your clients where it says {insert here}:

  1. What do you want so much for your {insert here} that you would pay anything for?
  2. If I could wave a magic wand and change one thing about your {insert here} what would it be?
  3. What would you be willing to pay for a program that would change your {insert here} in major ways?
  4. What do you struggle with most as it relates to {insert here}?
  5. What is your favorite topic as it relates to {insert here}?


Make it simple but keep it significant
All too often business owners know what they do or their industry so well that they use words to describe their business that only someone in that industry would know, not their ideal client. When I was a therapist I made this mistake a lot. I would use “therapy words” with my clients all of the time at the beginning and they would just look at me like I had three heads. I learned very quickly that using that language didn’t serve my clients or me, so I quickly changed my ways. Using words your clients would use themselves and that they relate to keeps it simple for everyone. Also, make sure it’s significant. Our clients decide if they’re interested in hearing more from us in the first 15 seconds of our message (ok, if I’m being honest I haven’t done any scientific research on this, but it’s true), so you want to make sure you’re using benefit-laden language that excites your client. For example, check out the difference between these two messages:
I’m a health and wellness coach who helps women loose weight through a tailored diet and exercise plan that will give them more confidence.
I’m a health and wellness coach who helps women create a tailored plan that will allow them to loose weight, get more energy, and eat healthy with ease so that they can finally wear that bikini, glow in that LBD and start rocking their life + biz.
The benefit-laden language of the second makes it so much more appealing and significant to your client! Your client can actually picture themselves wearing a bikini, glowing in their favorite little black dress, and showing up and rocking their life and biz. The first one makes it much more difficult for your client to actually SEE the results you’ll give them. The level of significance totally changes.
A quick template for creating a simple, but significant message would be: I help __(your ideal client)_ do __(what you help them do or accomplish)__ so they can _(get alllllll these benefits)____.
You can also watch my video on this topic here on A Lit Up Life’s new YouTube channel! I also talk about how important it is to use this message to create your content.



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