Want To Know How Content Can Bring In $1,000 In One Day?

Sound amazing to make $1,000 in a day by creating content?
That is EXACTLY what my client, Molly Fedick did.
I’m so excited to share this story with you! Molly has grown her blog’s Instagram from 111 to 5,459 followers in THREE weeks, and got TWO paid sponsorships for her Instagram account (yes, you read that right)!!! It’s important to mention these are ENGAGED followers that are obsessed with her content and like, comment, and share her stuff regularly.

This has driven so much more traffic to Molly’s blog = more $$ for her and more notoriety for her blog. Not to mention that Instagram accounts with 100K followers easily rake in $5,000-$10,000 per month in sponsorships alone. Incredible!!!
And because I’m ALL about content I told her she HAD to share her expertise on how to do that and now she has! Molly has created an amazing guide to show everyone EXACTLY how she did it. It’s no BS, no frills, and all step by step. Did I mention that she made nearly $1,000 off this guide the FIRST DAY she put it out for pre-sale?
As if that wasn’t amazing enough Molly has generously decided to offer the guide at 25% off to all Lit Up Lifers. WOO!!
You can read more about the guide here: http://www.theeighty8.com/grow-my-insta/
Use the code LACEY25 when you check out to get our special discount.
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