How are you showing up in your business? Plus My Personal Story

This week I want to talk to you about how you SHOW UP in your business, and what PARTS of you show up in your business. I am talking about this from a very personal perspective, as it is something I continue to learn, evolve into, and sometimes struggle with in my own business.
Showing up in your business, not just with consistency but on a personal level can feel scary, difficult to navigate and overwhelming. It can be so challenging to demonstrate all these parts of you through your business, but it is also essential to creating that know, like, and trust factor and really engaging your audience and transforming your business.

After some quiet reflection last week I realized there were parts of me that needed to show up more in my business…
In particular, a need for deeper work with my clients and community has been coming up for me. When we strategize, make business plans, and create amazing content major blocks always come up. Content creation especially seems to bring up major resistance in many women. I really believe that in order to tell our audience how amazing we are or that we’re an expert in a sincere and authentic way we must sincerely believe it ourselves. Too many entrepreneurs get stuck in this space of trying to tell their audience a different story than they’re telling themselves.
I made a video to tell you more about how I want to SHOW UP in my business because I really desire to share more of my gifts and myself with all of you. It’s still evolving (isn’t everything as an entrepreneur?), but I’d love for you to watch and share your feedback with me. Let me know if it resonated with you, if you desire to do deeper work, and what questions you have by replying to this email.

I’d also like to challenge you to ask yourself… What parts of you need to SHOW UP more fully in your business? Is it your business side, your knowledge, your experience, your expertise, your personality, your humor, your day-to-day life? Comment below let me know what’s coming up for you!


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