The Havingness Model®

Expand your level of havingness and your ability to get bigger and better results

I created The Havingness Model® because when I hit those huge money months in business, started making the multi-six figure years, AND got the love, life, and happiness I’d been craving?

I was scared as hell.
I was scared it would go away.
I was scared I wasn’t enough to have it.
I was scared I couldn’t trust myself to repeat it.

And? I saw the same in my clients.

The “level” of what they could have was different for everyone. But nearly every one of them would hit that point where they felt like it was all just a little too good to be true and would probably slip away.

What I’ve discovered is this- HAVINGNESS is THE THING if you want to grow and scale WHILE living A Lit Up Life.

While deep in my own exploration of Havingness, I created my own model around it that’s really helped me and many of my clients expand our own havingness, create new stories, and catch that self-sabotage before it occurs.

Now I’m sharing that model with you to lead you to the most fulfilled version of yourself, the biggest results, and the most lit up life possible.