The Hardest Email I've Ever Written

I recently sent an email to my list that was the hardest email I’ve ever written. Not because I had anything bad to say, but because I had something GREAT to say and I often fall short on tooting my own horn (I’m sure many of you can relate)!
I’ve been talking to my Facebook group this week about how if we don’t believe in our own value and regularly talk about it no one else will be able to see it (i.e. we won’t be able to grow our business, sign those clients, etc.), and while I’m sure this was helpful for the women in the group, it was also an AHA moment for me!
I realized that though I believe very much in my own value, I don’t spend a lot of time shouting it from the rooftops, and if I don’t, who else will? We have to be our own biggest cheerleader before others can be. So I’d love to share with you some things you might not know about me…

  • I have a master’s in mental health counseling and worked as a therapist with dual-diagnosis patients
  • I was the director of a $45 million/year non-profit and am obsessed with leadership and have done a TON of leadership training (When I left I received a box of handwritten notes from my 35+ employees telling me how much I was missed)
  • I have an MBA with a concentration in ethical leadership, which means I run my business with integrity as the main focus (I’m going to be honest… I see a lot of other people in the coaching world NOT doing this)
  • I started both of my businesses from the ground up and started turning a profit in both almost right of out the gate (pretty unheard of in the entrepreneurial world)
  • My other business was new, used, and vintage clothing resale (which I had ZERO experience in but completely loved and created a lot of success with)
  • I created a 21K month my second month in business, regular five-figure months since then, and a full coaching practice
  • I’ve helped my clients get their first clients, and create 5K, 10K, and even 20K months
  • My approach is a combination of mindset, strategy, and execution, which I believe is the master key to success in business
  • There’s nothing that lights me up more than helping other women create freedom-based businesses that light them up too
  • If I had to pick a single word to describe my life goals it would be IMPACT

When I really looked at all this, I realized it was time to start showing my value, and charging a rate that supported that. When you get me as a coach not only are you getting someone that can kill it with mindset and strategy, but that has proven education, experience, and results in both.
If you know this is the type of support you need, and one of these spots might be right for you then set up a time to talk to me here
It’s vital to me that my clients and I are a good fit, so you won’t find any high-pressure pitching with me. I’m all about having an open conversation to decide if we’re a HELL YES for one another.
I look forward to connecting with you high-performing powerhouses who are READY to create a business that lights you up and the freedom and impact you desire!


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