A Lit Up Life: Golden Ticket NFT

An Overview

What it is

In January 2022, I opened up an auction for the opportunity to own a permanent coaching spot in my business (A Lit Up Life: Golden Ticket NFT). My client and very dear friend, Sabrina Philipp, was the winner, paying $20k for the NFT. Now, she leases out that coaching spot.

Since Sabrina is already a client, that means she now has 2 coaching spots with me (her original spot plus the Golden Ticket). She has decided to lease the Golden Ticket for six months to someone who wants to skip the waitlist and get immediate access to coaching with me.

How it works

You’ll be leasing the Golden Ticket from Sabrina to coach with me for six months. You’ll pay a fee to Sabrina + sign an agreement with her to lease the spot, and separately you will sign our regular coaching contract with me, make our regular base rate and revenue percentage payments, and follow all contractual obligations.

Applications for the Golden Ticket spot open to our 1:1 waitlist. In order to get notified when applications open, make sure to sign up for the waitlist here.

More info + resources

Watch the livestreams below for more background on the NFT auction process + Sabrina’s plans for the coaching spot.

  • Click here to watch the livestream with our winner, Sabrina Philipp, + her plans for the coaching spot [February 21, 2022]
  • Click here to watch the livestream that Sabrina did explaining the process + how it works for leasing the spot [August 1, 2022]
  • Click here to watch the livestream announcing the auction: Where I see our industry going and the next big thing I’m doing (all the details on A Lit Up Life’s Golden Ticket NFT) [January 3, 2022]
  • Click here to watch the livestream: Why I’m giving up a part of my business and The Golden Ticket FAQ [January 17, 2022]