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Integrity, freedom, impact, personal responsibility, innovation, and doing it your own way

I follow my intuition, do my research, and choose someone with the same values. Value alignment is so key to me in choosing both my mentors AND my clients. I can’t say that I’ve always done this perfectly, but as I continue to know my values more, to tune in, and do my research I find that it gets easier and easier.

I don’t believe in balance but in finding a flow that works for you so that you don’t burn out. For me it’s about leaning into the ebbs and flows and following my excitement. Some weeks I work more than normal, other weeks I work less. I honestly just listen to myself, and work to not make it a “thing”. I hate the word balance because it implies perfection to me, and I know success doesn’t come when I chase perfect, instead of good.

I used to drive to work at my 9-5 “dream job” each day wondering “Is this all there is?”. My big why is to no longer drive to work each day wondering, “Is this all there is?”, and more than that, I want to give other women that same gift through the ripple effect of my work.  I intend to be the light and example that shows others that a Lit Up Life really IS possible. When I use my strengths and skills in a way that feels fulfilling, and help other women do the same… that’s when I’m really lit up.

I test, lean in, and get curious. Sometimes we have ideas and we go full force without testing then find ourselves super frustrated if it doesn’t work out perfectly. Innovation doesn’t always work perfectly the first time (or heck, the second or third) so we need to implement our inspired ideas like an experiment without being attached to the outcome but with passionate forward progress and a total willingness to gather data, test, tweak, and put smart strategy around them.

If you’re my client you know I always have “two things” so I’m going to answer this with two things… Create a success mindset (because it’s the most valuable asset in your business) and be seriously consistently (business is both hard and not that hard at all… it’s hard to show up consistently, but when you do, everything gets easier).

My Coaching Style

I would say the number one word that describes my coaching style is adaptable. My background as a therapist and leader of a non-profit handing big teams taught me the importance of always being on my toes and adapting. I figure out what my clients need first in order to be responsive to that. Some need a more tough love, others need more space/permission. It just depends, but I pride myself on being able to meet each client where they’re at.

It’s important to me that clients feel they have a partner.  Clients always have full access to me between coaching calls. I use Basecamp to make this happen.  It’s a project management system where we can have ongoing conversations, to-do’s with deadlines that you check off as you go, calendars & planning, and documents & files. We have the option for a daily check-in so that you can celebrate, ask for support, or get direction around your to-do’s.  It’s important for me to support you in completing each step so that you have all the right foundations for success.

Auditory and visual – I like writing things down and seeing them in front of me.  When it comes to clients, I always meet them where they are, and knowing what makes them tick and what gets them results is super important to me.  I see myself as more of a coach than a teacher (although I do love to teach when needed and relevant).

I really believe that you have to be willing to speak up for yourself.  I always tell my clients that this is the only space where they don’t have to worry about anyone’s feelings besides their own. As a coach it’s my job to leave my ego at the door and it’s 100% my job to figure my own “stuff” out outside of my client relationships. I enjoy when my clients are willing to speak up for what they want and need because it tells me they’re standing for their power, asking for the support they need, and willing to receive it. I ask all the time, “Does that feel true for you?” because I don’t know everything, I’m not the expert in you, your life, or your business. YOU are. When you show up as the expert, voice your desires, and take personal responsibility, we move light years faster and magic happens.

It depends on what we’re working through.  I don’t have a set structure because I’m always meeting my clients where they’re at.  To know how I can best serve them during our time together, I have them fill out a questionnaire before the call. Sometimes we’re sharing a Google doc and doing some serious strategy work, or we’re having a mindset call where they cry, get it all out, and leave ready to take on the world. It really depends on where they’re at and what they need. Again, adaptability is key here.

It depends on the person. The best way to motivate is to build a relationship! When you invest time to build a relationship it’s amazing. I’m very intuitive, but also strategic so I’m always feeling into what’s going to motivate my clients and how to best leverage that to support them.  In order to do that I have to understand them on a deep level. I also really try to show my clients what’s possible for them, and be a mirror for that. Finally, I often pull from the Love Languages to make sure I’m encouraging my clients and providing feedback in a way that they respond to.

It depends. Sometimes, I’ll let the client just brain dump (because that CAN be useful) and then offer reflection by saying, “Here’s what I got out of that”. I often find that sometimes letting someone play out their thought process is really helpful, but there are times where it gets us totally off track. As a therapist, I’m great at redirecting, but I also am available to let you process what you need to so you can move forward. I might say, “Our goal for today was to talk about XYZ, but I feel like you might need to process this right now. Is that true or do you want to move on to XYZ?” Ultimately, I empower my client to do what’s best for them, but I remain diligent about being the mirror that helps them see what that is.

I am always tuning into my intuition, it’s just part of how I function. I’ll share intuitive hits if it feels relevant/appropriate and if the client is in a receptive place where they are available to hear it. But if they’re not, then I don’t.  When you feed something to someone when they’re not ready to receive, it does more harm than good. My relationship with my client comes above all else.  It’s all about knowing my where they’re at and what they’re available for.  I always tell my clients that I WILL piss them off sometimes but it’s always going to be when we have a strong enough relationship to withstand that. Trust is everything. One thing I know is that the relationship is THE key to success in any mentorship/coaching program, so I’m not one of those hard ass coaches who doesn’t care how much she pisses you off and will say whatever I want 24/7 simply because I know that doesn’t get you results. I know that delivering important information (intuitive, strategic or otherwise) in the right way {where a client can be open to hearing it} is key and is what will move us forward.

A Peek Inside of My Business & Path to Success

Being aware that whatever is showing up in my environment is a reflection of what is going on inside of myself.  Giving value is huge… I really believe that we receive what we’re willing to give. Discipline – I think our habits are the most important thing.  It sounds so cliche but I know that when something’s a habit and I show up, everything transforms. Authenticity and doing it my own way. The more I lean into being authentic and being able to say what I feel the more things flow.

I had my “dream job” when I was quite young. I remember driving in my car to work each day thinking, “is this all there is?”. To me success is never asking the question, “Is this all there is?”. This is my barometer for personal success as well as helping my clients make big transformations so that they can impact others in their own unique way as well.

Social media is an important part of running my business but it’s not everything.  I spent 15-20 minutes in the morning and evening.  Sometimes I jump on around lunch time but it depends. Boundaries around how you spend your time are important.

Megan is my online business manager, she’s by far the best investment I’ve ever made in my business. Building a team was once a struggle in my business, which was interesting since I have a TON of leadership education and training. Heck, my MBA concentration is in leadership. However, working through that was so key. It’s been amazing and invaluable to have someone in your business who cares about your mission. Get support early on even if it’s someone who can help you 1 or 2 hours a week. The other important piece of my business is authentic connection. When I use social media, emails, livestreams, etc. to just genuinely and authentically connect with my audience my business ALWAYS grows.

Truth be told, I had a greater fear of success than failure. How would succeeding change my life? How would my life look? I had a fear of the unknown and what that would mean to my family and my relationships. I had to do a lot of mindset work. Control has also been a huge lesson for me as an entrepreneur… you truly can’t control all outcomes, but you can’t live in fear of them either. That’s why I talk about detachment so much. I’m attached to letting the Universe show up for me, and I’m attached to showing up 100%. I’m unattached to controlling all the outcomes that transpire from that.

About 40 hours but it varies. Mondays are light and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday are a bit busier for me. I usually leave Fridays for CEO time. I do work sometimes on the weekend, but it just depends. I tend to get a lot of ideas during my down time, so sometimes I run with those when they come up. Ultimately, I’m willing to work 40-hours, 20-hours, then 50 depending on what needs to get done and how I’m feeling.

I always try to share my story and be real about entrepreneurship. In the online world there’s a lot of stuff that makes it seem perfect, that nothing is ever hard, that if you’re doing it right there’s no stress. I like to say that I wouldn’t do anything else (and I wouldn’t) but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. You have to be everything in your business when you start out and you have to always be wiling to go to the next level of personal development. Oh, and you’ve got to show up and do the dang work. THOSE are the conversations I like to have. I also created an opportunity to talk all things life and business with my best friend Sara Wiles on our FB Live show, Happy Thoughts. You can check it out here:

I’ve always been very clear that I’m on this planet to help people. I know what I’m here to do, and I know the direction I’m moving towards around that. But I evolve my vision every day. I always ask myself, “Is what I’m working for in line with what I want?” Sometimes you can’t plan but if you show up with each step, you let your vision develop. I try not feel a lot pressure around having a crystal clear vision for the next ten years (but at least for the next 6 months) and allow it to evolve as I go.

Personal Stuff

The series Conversations with God opened my eyes to a whole new world and it started me on my path and this journey. 

The Magic of Believing by Claude Bristol

The Power of the Subconscious Mind by Joseph Marie

I really want to be a morning person but I get most of my ideas in the evening and night. I don’t want to fight this, but sometimes it would be easier if these ideas showed up earlier… But that’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur… I get to do what works best for ME.

I love a good bubble bath and it’s when most of my best ideas come to me.  I’m an introvert so I like quiet time but I also enjoy visiting with friends. I travel a lot, and absolutely love anything outdoors like skiing and running.

My word for 2018 is LOVE- I want to love myself even more deeply, do only things I love, be around only people I love, and cultivate even more deeper loving relationships with the people, pets, and things in my life. 

I’m going to cheat, because he is not actually a coach, but he is my dream mentor.  Yvon Chouinard – he’s the founder of Patagonia and completely amazing. I love him.

A safari in Africa is really high on my bucket list. 

The Partnership

A mentor can help you to see your blind spots – you can’t see your own forest through your trees. It’s hard to see your own shit… Then take it in…. Then do something with it. It’s about having someone who has not only been through similar things themselves but have walked others through it. I will caveat this with… a coaching and mentor relationship only has the power that you give it. If you think no one can offer you support… you’re right. If you’re open to the power that a collaborative coaching and mentorship can create, you’ll be blown away at the level of support you can feel and receive.  A mentor can facilitate change so that you can begin showing up in a different way and using your skills in a different way. But there’s nothing that I can do for you unless you do it for yourself.  What I know is this… I can help you to help create a framework for success for yourself and if you let it work and show up for it, it will be magical.

I am looking for someone who has a mission and message that I resonate with and who’s making an impact (because value alignment is key). Someone who is coachable and ambitious. I want it to be someone that I know I’d work well with, and that I see potential in. The unfortunate part is there are probably going to be a lot of those people participating in the partnership, so I’m going to have to rely on my intuition to make the final decision. I am really excited about helping someone step into their own power, be a CEO and see big results from that. At the end of the day, when my clients get results, my business grows and that’s how I WANT to grow my business. So my focus is on choosing someone that I really see huge potential with through their business and our relationship.

You can expect me to show up 100%. I’m very good at holding boundaries, but I love to over-deliver. Every month we’ll have 3 calls with 1 week off for implementation. We are always implementing, realigning, and improving upon the processes that we’ve put in place so your business runs smoothly. I don’t do the work for you, however, I will be a killer partner in your business.

They succeeded because I believed they would, my partners believed it would, and because I was detached from the outcome.  I treated it like an experiment and went into it full of passion and enthusiasm and excitement. I think that, when you feel that passionately detached, things tend to meet you.

Yes, I have had at least 5 clients quit their 9-5 job in the last year. Many of my clients come to me as fulltime entrepreneurs, so that’s a big number comparatively.

I don’t believe that I show up differently. I know all of my partnership clients would vouch for the fact that I didn’t try to take over or put pressure on them but really showed up as a supportive coach, mentor and partner, which is how I show up with all my 1:1 clients from day 1.