Are Facebook groups and funnels REALLY dying? Maybe.

“Facebook groups are dying.”
“Marketing funnels don’t work anymore.”
“Webinars no longer convert.”
There’s been talk around the block lately that Facebook groups, webinars, and even email funnels are no longer useful in business, particularly when it comes to growing an audience (and your bank account).
But, these numbers only tell one side of the story.
What I want to hone in on is WHY they’re “dying”.
Because…Facebook groups, webinars, or email funnels that are unengaged, only about sales, or aren’t true communities MIGHT be dying (probably should be dying)…but REAL communities?
Real communities are not going away. Real communities are here to stay.
…and, those real communities will build your business and your bank account for the long haul! Here’s how.

KEY POINT #1: Create an Even Energy Exchange.

We can’t JUST be about the selling and we can’t JUST be about the service. Because, when we’re just about the selling – the growing of our numbers – our businesses WILL eventually burn out. We WILL lose our clients, lose our sales, and watch our numbers decline at some point. And, when we’re just about the service, WE will burn out. WE will lose our energy, our time, and potentially even ourselves.
We’ve got to be about – and willing to do – BOTH.
How do we do that? We’ve got to build communities from the MINDSET of creating an even energy exchange!
This means that we pour into our communities – we serve the people in front of us and give serious value – and in return our communities pour back into us – in the form of referrals, sales, and love. We give them amazing value and support, and they support us with clients, engagement, etc.
Pretty cool, right?!
It’s only when we lose that even exchange that Facebook groups, webinars, or email funnels start to die.

KEY POINT #2: Give Real Results Before They Pay You a Dime.

If giving and receiving energy is the key to community success, we’ve got to talk about what it really means to give.
There is SO much noise in this industry… a ton of 5 days to 50K bullshit floating around…. So many promises without results on the back end…
That’s why you stand out, why your community will actually thrive and continue to grow, when you’re a service provider that can provide your audience with results before they shell out the money to work with you!
And by results, I mean you provide value that your clients can take, use, and reap tangible or intangible benefit from.
You see, Facebook groups don’t have to die. Webinars can still be valuable and email funnels are still great marketing techniques. In fact, I’ve grown my own Facebook group to over 6000 members…and I have a two-third’s regular participation rate! At a time when overall engagement seems to be going down, I’m insanely proud of this number. But, it’s a number that’s only come because I’ve focused on community – and real, backed up value – first.
Growing your impact, your reach, and your bank account is not about a 5-step funnel. It’s about serving the people in front of you and actively engaging with them.

KEY POINT #3: Engage and Connect.

If you’re ready to grow your audience by creating an even energy exchange, then here are some of my favorite ways to do so. These are tips that you can execute on right now to extend your impact and your bank account!

  1. Hold an amazing challenge that gets results (and builds your community), and then make an offer after.
  2. Create an awesome download and put it in the files section of your group and invite people to join your group to get it. When they get value from it what’s the next step to working with you? Tell ‘em.
  3. Give your community members opportunity for it to feel like it’s their community too (i.e. can they make their own offers, form connections, ask questions, etc.).
  4. Create amazing, valuable content weekly and share with your email list and in other groups what you’re talking about and invite people to join the conversation.
  5. Give value by telling your group what you have to offer and what you’re selling… that’s ACTUALLY giving value if your services will support them in creating the results they want.
  6. ENGAGE with your community members… don’t post and run in your own community. Part of your value is your presence. People want a present leader… not one that can’t be bothered to build relationships.

If you build a true community that’s about service, engagement, connection, and results it will be one of the best things you can do for your business AND your bank account. Plus, you’ll be here for the long haul.


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