How to Effectively Repurpose Your Content During the Holidays

Lately I’ve been reflecting on how different my life looks now than it did just over 3 years ago.
The me of 3 years ago was SUPER stressed and overwhelmed leading up to the holidays and NEVER took time off because I wanted my employees to be able to take the time.
I would run around like crazy, always ended up buying premade stuff for Thanksgiving (because I didn’t have time to make it), bought Christmas presents on Christmas Eve (after I left work that is), and even forgot to get my husband a Christmas card 2 years in a row.
Last year I had the extreme pleasure of making my own schedule, not living in burn out mode, and getting to truly ENJOY what the holidays are really about rather than just rushing through them.
To make things even better I got to take 2 ski trips with my husband plus go to New York to see his family.
And I plan on doing the exact same thing this year… trips are already booked!
One of the reasons that I’m able to do all this is because I have my content planned out in advance and I repurpose it effectively so that I can spend more time actually enjoying the holidays rather than feeling like I’m chained to my business.
With Christmas right around the corner, let’s talk about how you can repurpose your content so you can spend more time and energy with family and friends this holiday season!


I talk to so many amazing women that put a TON of pressure on themselves to create new, exciting content for every platform they’re on multiple times per day. This can be SO draining and unproductive.
We are often putting way more pressure on ourselves than is necessary around creating new content every day or every week. We think that if we repurpose content that people will notice and stop following us OR that we won’t be able to generate new clients.
This is almost never true. Actually, people get MORE value out of hearing the same thing more than once. In this busy online space where we’re drinking out of a fire hose of information all the time we often don’t remember or get to utilize a lot of the good ideas/info we see.
That’s why I have no problem talking about the same thing or repurposing a topic because it can only support others in getting value from it and utilizing the information.
The pressure we put on ourselves to constantly create NEW content usually leads to one of two things…..

  1. You’re either totally overwhelmed and are spending too much time on content that will disappear by tomorrow
  1. You totally burn out and stop putting out ANY content

I’d love for you to check in with yourself on your mindset behind repurposing. Are you putting unnecessary pressure on yourself? How can you reframe this so that you can think of repurposing as a way that actually benefits you AND your audience?


My first tip to start repurposing is to start organizing! Many of you know that my personal method for creating content means that I assign a theme for each week. To organize this I create a word document for each week with the theme and week/date as the title (that’s also how I save it).
This helps me know exactly WHEN I last talked about a certain topic, and it allows me to keep it all in one place. Then some weeks when I’m short on time I can go back and re-use that content, repurpose it based on what I’ve learned since then, or give a different spin on the same topic.
This is also immensely helpful for creating new TYPES of content. For example I can transform a weekly theme into a challenge, or a webinar, or a blog post. It doesn’t always have to look the same.
The bottom line? You have to get your content organized in order to be able to repurpose it effectively. You also have to get it OFF social media and into a storage space that allows you to easily access, find, and re-use whatever you’ve created.


Here are some of my top tips for repurposing:

  1. Use the same theme across the board for each week for all your social media outlets. This allows you to make excellent use of your content and not constantly be writing new things. For example, you can then group shorter Facebook posts into a longer newsletter, or break a blog down into 5 pieces and make them Facebook posts.
  1. Go back to an old topic and give it an updated spin. What’s happened with a client on this topic since you last chatted about it? Have your views changed? Use it to get inspired and to see how your experiences, ideas, etc. evolve and change over time.
  1. Change the platform. If you did a webinar on a specific topic it might be time to write a blog post on it. If you did a Facebook post that got lots of comments it might be time to turn that into a challenge.
  1. Make notes on what your people seem to LOVE! In other words, if a specific topic or piece of content got rave reviews make note of it and move that to the top of your “repurposing list” because you know your peeps love it!
  1. Collaborate. If you have great content to repurpose you may want to create guest blog posts out of them or do a webinar on the topic and invite a biz bestie to chat with you about it. Repurposing content and ideas around things you love to talk about is a great way to continue to share your message while making it feel super new and fresh!

My challenge to you is to pick TWO of these tips to utilize in the upcoming weeks for repurposing your content!


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