Do You Really Know Your Niche?


This week I want to talk to you about how niching down and getting clear on your ideal client is a way to see serious results in your biz.

We’re going to talk:

  • Why it’s so important
  • How it trips a lot of people up at the beginning, and what to do instead
  • Doing ideal client interviews in your business
  • How to infuse YOU into your content + writing

Niching down and choosing an ideal client is so important because speaking to a specific client about how you help them deal with a specific problem is so crucial to creating a profitable business and building that know, like, and trust factor.

However, this trips a lot of people up at the beginning. Their mindset tells them if they niche down that they will alienate people from their business, but without niching down they also won’t attract them either.

So how do you get past the fear that you won’t get enough clients in your niche or that you’ll limit yourself too much? Do these two things:

  • Recognize it as an irrational fear. Do the mindset work and start reprogramming your brain to realize this is just a fear that’s coming up as you move outside of your comfort zone. Look to other entrepreneurs who have been successful by niching down and start changing your beliefs.
  • Do the work, meaning start providing your services and it will quickly become clear to you whom you resonate with and how you most help them. A lot of people try to choose a niche without ever having provided a service and it can leave them feeling totally paralyzed and confused. Start working in your business, offer services for free if you have to, do ideal client interviews, and really allow yourself to have experiences that reveal your ideal client and niche to you.

Another important thing you should be doing in your business is ideal client interviews. You want to ensure that as you narrow in on your message and start creating amazing content you know exactly who you’re creating that messaging and content FOR. The best way to do this? Start conducting ideal client interviews. Ideal client interviews are also important to CONTINUE to conduct as you build and grow your biz. Your ideal client might change or they might grow and develop with you. Their issues may shift, and how you help them can evolve, so never stop using client interviews to transform your biz!

Here are some basic questions you can ask in ideal client interviews. Make sure to tailor them to your business by putting in details about what you do/provide (i.e. business, life health) for your clients where it says {insert here}:

  • What do you want so much for your {insert here} that you would pay anything for?
  • If I could change one thing about your {insert here} what would it be?
  • What would you be willing to pay for a program that would change your {insert here} in major ways?
  • What do you struggle with most as it relates to {insert here}?
  • What is your favorite topic as it relates to {insert here}?

Lastly, once you pick your niche and ideal client you want to make sure to infuse YOU into the content + writing you’re doing for them! At the end of the day, you are ultimately what makes your business stand out. There might be others in your niche with your same ideal client, so the best way to show up differently is to infuse YOU into your business + writing. Make sure that you’re infusing your personality and story into your writing and content so that you can attract clients most aligned with you and who will be most connected to you!

You can also watch my video on this topic where I go even more in depth on A Lit Up Life’s YouTube channel here: