How Content Helped Me Build a Multiple 6-Figure Business

Content has literally built my business.
It’s taken me from a brand new entrepreneur with no network to a multiple six-figure earner in under two years.
It’s allowed me to build real relationships, real connections, and easily convert clients.
It’s helped me to know my community deeply, and make sure I’m always delivering what they want to hear in a way that feels good to me.
Here’s the mindset, strategy, and execution behind using content to build relationships, grow your community, and convert fans into paying clients.


I see so many entrepreneurs that feel like content is ONLY for teaching, ONLY for showing expertise, or just something they HAVE to do in their business.
But when you flip the frame, and see content as your first and best way to build relationships, everything can change.
I have built my entire business on great content, and to be honest… I don’t see myself as a teacher first and foremost. I see myself as a coach and a facilitator. I use my content to mirror, reflect, offer guidance, and create relationships.
Now, it’s not WRONG to use your content for teaching as well, certainly I do that sometimes too.
The point is simply this… Real human connection CAN occur through content, and when you use and create it for that purpose your content can transform.
So rather than feeling like you can only create content as a bonafide expert, what if you started believing that the entire point of your content was to create a relationship with your audience?
What would you do differently? How would you write differently? How would you show up differently?
More importantly, how would the PRESSURE you feel around content shift?


Here are some of my favorite strategies that allow me to use content to create relationships, and ultimately paying clients:
Seriously, you hear this everywhere but it’s so undervalued. When you can be real with your audience and really share YOU- the good, bad, ups, downs…. Then you are building a genuine relationship. When you’re only sharing the highlight reel, it’s harder for your audience to connect.
*Share what you know, but ask for other’s opinions
I love to share what I believe works in business, what I’ve learned, what I know, etc. But I also know that there is no one RIGHT way to do business, so I’m always willing to hear another angle, opinion, etc. This helps me get to know my audience even more and invite them to be in conversation and relationship with them rather than preaching from a stage. That can be as simple as saying at the end of a post “What’s your take on this? What has worked for you?”. This not only builds that relationship but fosters community because everyone has room for a say and opinion.
*Ask for the engagement you want
I see so many entrepreneurs that write great content, and wonder why they’re not getting engagement, and almost always it’s usually as simple as them not ASKING for it. Most people take social media etiquette pretty seriously and don’t want to word vomit all over your post, blog, picture, etc. unless you ASK them to. My rule of thumb is to NEVER post ANYTHING without asking for the engagement I want from it. If there’s no engagement, there’s no chance at building a relationship.
*Ask questions that provide insight, but that people WANT to share their answers to.
I learned this lesson the hard way. Coming from a background as a therapist I wanted to ask the DEEP questions in all of my posts. I wanted to go ALL IN. And what I realized is… people don’t even know me yet, they may ALSO be trying to get clients in these spaces, etc…. So when I’m asking them to share their deepest, darkest fears it’s no wonder they’re a little less responsive! So ask questions that invite connection and the relationship, but make sure you’re asking questions that your people WANT to answer.


The next step is to start putting those strategies into action. If you want to use your content to build relationships I’d love to challenge you to pick one or two of the following things to execute on this week:

  • Ask your audience what they want to hear from you! I know this is obvious, but it’s something we all don’t do enough. If you want to build the relationship make sure you know what they want out of it first!
  • Create a call to action at the end of each of your blogs, posts, videos, etc. that people WANT to respond to
  • Create a plan for how consistently you want to share your content and stick to it!
  • Use your content to lead to a free assessment, call, discovery call, etc. so you can build the foundation with your content and then take it to another level.


Share with us below… How are you using content to build relationships with your audience?

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