The Problem With Comparing Your Current Biz to Your Future Biz

It can be SO tempting to label ourselves a failure when we have a desire we haven’t met yet.
I think it can be ESPECIALLY tempting to do this as entrepreneurs.
But when we start to enjoy the process, give ourselves credit for what we have achieved, and dream about the future with desire and excitement rather than feelings of failure and overwhelm … everything can shift.
For me personally I learned this the hard way. I was always working toward something and was never happy until I got there.
I got one master’s degree and then I went on to get another.
I got one promotion and then chased the next.
On and on and on.
And finally when I became an entrepreneur and realized I was NEVER “done”, I gave myself permission to be happy where I was. Then ironically, I created success even faster than I knew was possible.
If you’re tempted to always be comparing where you are to where you want to be, let’s talk about how you can shift this.


It can be easy to see six-figure business owners sharing all their successes, highlight reels, and fancy pictures and make that your goal without ever looking at the actual steps, struggles, and serious effort that it took to get there.
We can tell ourselves the story that we can’t celebrate our successes until we hit this illusive number or make our first big purchase.
And what I want to focus on is this… There is a way to both deeply desire to meet those goals and to also be deeply happy with where you are.
And even more importantly… the way to get to those goals is actually TO celebrate where we are, the effort we’re putting in, and the growth that’s taking place.
I once had a new client tell me that she was terrified to celebrate where she was before hitting these big goals because she thought somehow that was making it “ok” and that she would get stuck in that place.
I think this is a dangerous trick we play on ourselves… that in order to get where we want to go that we can’t be happy with where we are now.
In fact, I personally believe the quickest path to getting where we want is to get massively excited about where we are now and the progress that we’ve made.
So I’d love to invite you to look at what story you have around your current business as it compares to your future business. Are you holding yourself in purgatory until you hit those BIG goals? Are you leaning in to celebrating all you’ve accomplished?
Really dive deep here and see where you can start loving where you are while you’re on the path to where you want to go!
What is one thing that you’re MASSIVELY grateful for (or want to celebrate) in your business right NOW?


Despite all of the noise we’re bombarded with each day, building a business really is a PROCESS that takes a ton of time, energy, and patience. We’re never “DONE”, which can be very challenging to realize (especially for high-performers).
The question then becomes: “How can we work toward our goals and enjoy the process rather than always being focused on the end result?”
The first {and most transformational} step is remembering that any business worth building takes time! We can either spend that time making ourselves miserable or we can enjoy it.
In other words, we can choose to really have fun with the process and get excited + motivated by future possibilities, or we can continue to use our future goals to remind us that we’re not good enough. The first one is a LOT more enjoyable and will likely give you much better results than the latter.
What DO you or CAN you do to enjoy the PROCESS of building a business rather than just working for an end result??


One of the ways I let go of getting caught up in the feeling of not being “there” yet is by writing a love note to my CURRENT business! Part of enjoying the journey is being grateful for where we are and how far we’ve come.
We are so often focused on the next goal or end result that we forget that we’ve made huge leaps, up-leveled, done some major self-improvement, etc.
I know I am totally guilty of this. It’s not until I really sit down and look at what’s occurred over the past 8 months that I’m reminded that the journey really is just as fun (if not more fun sometimes) than the destination!
Take some time today to write a love letter to your current business and hang it up above your workspace as a reminder to be grateful for where you’re at (and how far you’ve come) just as much as you’re excited about where you’re going!


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