Q&A: Trade-off or mindset

How do you know when something is a trade-off or if it’s mindset? For example, a client recently was asking if it’s possible to not hustle and still impact millions of people. Part of me felt like maybe there was a trade off here, but then we spoke about business model (ie. having a book), but now after the call I’m starting to feel like maybe it was mindset but I’m not sure. What is tricky for me is wanting to believe that anything is possible for the client, that she can have the time she wants with her family and impact millions, but you still have to show up and put in work time. Which, can be considered hustle or reframed as a more positive word to get to that point. Maybe that is setting up ads, hiring a team, etc. so it’s taking less of her physical time. I know you don’t know all of the details of this scenario, but would love to hear how you might conceptualize something like this! Forever grateful for you!


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