Q&A: Speeding up the writing process

For my strategy, I’m focused on writing blog posts and sharing them on Pinterest. Ideally, I would like to write and publish 3 blog posts per week. But right now it can take me up to a week just to write one (which is SO embarrassing to say). They do end up being 1k-4k words sometimes. And I do positively affirm myself that I will get faster at this every day. And I don’t make myself wrong about it taking so long. It’s my number one priority, so sometimes the only thing I do in a day is write part of a post. I also know that this content could quite literally be turned into hundreds of Instagram posts or shorter social content. But I consider that a shift right now and not a stack. So it’s not something I want to focus on. Also because content takes me so long, right now I’m not publishing because I want to build up a bank, so that I can be a few weeks ahead. This way I never miss a week and am always adding to the bank. All and all my question is, is there a way to do this faster? Or do I just need to keep at it until it becomes easier and easier for me to write? (I do love writing btw and it’s how I want to share my thoughts. It just takes me a while to do.)


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