Q&A: Simplifying business model

Hi Lacey! Thank you so much for being able to answer this question. I am a midwife and my business Natural Birth Co, helps women and their partners prepare for a natural birth with yoga, pilates and workshops. I have recently changed my model to the following: There are Memberships (for a certain amount of classes of yoga and pilates a week), there is a Birth Workshop, an Online Body Balance Workshop, a Wholistic Birth Prep Package, a 1:1 Birth Workshop, a group, separate class prices and upper workshop prices. My intro offers currently are 2 classes for $40, which funnels into the membership, or How to Cope with with Pain and Labor Workshop, which is $49, including a free class, and funnels into the birth workshop. With this model, I just constantly feel like I am selling to my already clients. Peeps on the memberships trying to get them into workshops, and vice versa. Also with my marketing, I feel so conflicted- constantly selling both the intro offers, plus trying to get the package out there, and also trying to get the birth workshops filled so selling that also, as well as the Body Balance. I can’t seem to see a funnel for my type of work- some women only want the yoga/pilates and no workshops and vice versa- so I don’t want to miss out on clients not knowing that I do one thing (that they want), because I am always going on about the other. Such a conundrum and I hope you can bring some clarity to me on this.


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