Q&A: Scared of getting clients

Hi Lacey! I just launched my data strategy business last month, which I’m super proud about. But I’ve realized recently that I’m actually SCARED of getting clients. I haven’t had any yet, because I haven’t done this exact service before! I definitely am confident in my abilities, my education, my skills — I have over a decade of professional experience, have my MBA, and I KNOW I’m great at working and communicating with people — but because I’ve never put my skills into THIS format (working 1:1 with people), I think I’m subconsciously not doing all I can to get clients. I have created three “offerings” of different sizes, so I HAVE thought about various ways I might be able to create value. But again, because I’ve never actually done any of my one-time intensives yet, I don’t know how to get more confident/prepped for how one might go. And while I’ve thought about offering a few to some business owner friends as a test, it’s hard if I’m sort of “forcing” my services onto them — it’s like coaching someone who has no desire to be coached. Any thoughts on how I can get more sure/confident in my services if I haven’t done them yet? THANK YOU!


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