Q&A: Questioning pitching the Partnership Model

I run a leadership and culture coaching and consulting business where I partner with CEOs and leadership teams of organizations, usually 10-40 team members. I’ve been really wanting to pitch a partnership model style arrangement to a couple of my clients, but after doing it once and getting a “no” it has me sitting in self doubt. I believe it is a mindset thing, but I wonder what tips and advice you’d give me for getting my energy and mindset behind the partnership model idea. I was keen to do $1500 a month plus 5% of revenue arrangement, but I’m worried they’ll think it’s strange and feel weird about why I’m asking for some of their revenue, and also worry whether I’m involved enough in the business sales financial side of their business to pitch an offer like this. Even though I know my work does impact their bottom line for sure, it’s indirectly.


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