Q&A: Problem awareness

Hey Lacey! I’ve heard you talk about “problem awareness,” which I find such an interesting concept and so important to think about. But if we’re just starting out as a service provider, what if we ourselves aren’t totally clear on the problem we’re solving, yet? For instance, my business offers data strategy and dashboards (coupled with my professional experience as a data engineer and MBA) to female entrepreneurs, but I myself feel so strongly about how critical data is. But since I feel that data has SO many applications, and there is SUCH a lack of knowledge in the online space, I kind of feel like my message is simply, “You don’t realize you need my services, but you do!” — which I know isn’t particularly effective. I suspect that after I work with a handful of clients, I’ll start to get a sense of the kinds of problems I’m “solving” for them, but any thoughts on how to create an effective “problem awareness” messaging when I feel that there are LOTS of benefits to my services? Thank you so much!


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