Q&A: Not seeing results even with consistent value

I’m getting no consults or inquiries for my program no matter what I do. I just closed the doors today on my signature program. It’s $997. I did every single thing possible for an entire two months to create massive awareness around the program. Facebook lives, posting and engaging in groups, giving value, talking to people, building relationships–all of this was with utmost consistency, but got zero sign-ups, zero calls booked, and zero inquiries. I have a facebook group and have been consistent with it for two years now. It has 2,500 members, but nobody engages on my lives, or with me. I’ve tried building relationships with them, but I feel so blocked and paralyzed. I have invested $15K in live programs and implemented the programs to a “T,” and I’m not seeing any results. Today, since starting this business, I feel like a failure. I’m re-thinking, “Is this really for me? Can I do this? What am I doing wrong?” I’m doing everything that I’ve been told, but it’s all not working.


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