Q&A: How to offer tier-based coaching and consulting services

I have a question around service tiers: What’s the best way to effectively market a tier-based coaching and consulting business without confusing my audience? For context, here are my (2) current service offerings: A)I coach service providers and industry leaders who want to pivot from done-for-you/agency to done-with-you digital products. B)I consult industry leaders who want to launch their next digital product with a virtual event. This year, I transitioned from done-for-you to do-it-yourself and done-with-you group coaching programs. I’d like my business model to be low-cost digital products and high-ticket 1:1 and group coaching programs, with the intention of adding speaking and retreats in 2021. My big goal is to do $200K next year, hence the reason why I’m on your waitlist. I need help! The most I’ve made in one year, to date, is $70k. I know this will be a leap, but I also KNOW and BELIEVE I can get there, and even surpass it!


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