Q&A: How to lessen your workload if you can’t afford to hire out

What do you do when you’re not in a position to hire out? I’m a single mom. And I do all the things and between client work and wanting to take my business to another level, and I’m exhausted. Almost all of my income is going to bills and debt that I’ve accumulated this year. I want to scale my business to being primarily course based or something where I am less hands on. I enjoy client work, but it’s to the point where although I’m charging well, it’s taking up so much of my time. I want more freedom, but I’m tied to my computer 24/7. With not having a lot of extra money each month and the money I do have going to bills, how do you hire team members to take off the extra load? Do you let go of client work (and that guaranteed income) to build your business to then hire out team members? Do you not pay bills and put that money towards hiring team members to help you with your business, hoping for a quick return? I am feeling so stuck. Thank you!


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