Q&A: Difficulty scaling business

Honestly, I wish you were in my brain so that you would just know how to clean it up to get out of this uncomfortable 100K space I’ve been sitting at for two years now! Here’s what I know: I’ve been stuck right at 100K for the past two years, and it’s a tough spot! Before that, I sold my fitness company for 100K, (omg…I’m seeing a trend here), and the most I made with that company was one year at 285K. Mostly, each year was right at 100K. After I sold my fitness company, I didn’t make any money like for three years trying to figure out my new online biz model. So, now here I am with the business I love, and stuck at 100K for the past two years. Trying to build a small team and knowing where to put the little bit of money for the best ROI – Facebook Ads, another course, etc. – this is DEF a strategy question for you. And I really really really wonder if this is my own “stinking thinking” getting in the way? How the hell do I get out of my own way and turn this into the biz I know it can be? I desire a 500K year, and then a milly the next…am I crazy? Thank you for this!


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