Q&A: Difficulty enrolling clients as a hybrid life and business coach

Hi Lacey! So happy to be in this space and learn from you. I have a million questions, but the main one relates to enrolling clients being a hybrid of life and business coach. I recently transitioned to supporting corporate women who want to create their own project, creative endeavor, either quitting their 9-5 or keeping it. My work with clients is 80% mindset emotions and 20% strategy. I see myself as a hands-on life coach. In my content, I try to convey values like freedom, being multi-passionate, and creating something that gives you purpose. The problem is that people don’t seem to get it. What I offer looks interesting to them, but more of a nice to have, rather than a necessity. And the price tag in the 2k range seems to be blocking them from buying. I’ve been focusing largely on LinkedIn as my main platform. Clients are very few and come in randomly. I hope it makes sense. Would love to have your perspective.


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