Q&A: Difficulty detaching from business

Hi Lacey! I know you’ve talked about the importance of detaching from your business, and I can feel how that would be useful, but I am a little bit stuck on the “how” to exactly do that. I spend a lot of time working in my business, (also because it’s what I truly enjoy), but when I decide to cut back hours, I am almost like, “ok, so what do I do now?” LOL. I catch myself thinking a lot about my business, content, and my clients even when I am not working and checking emails and social media in the morning or on the weekends, which gets me right into the business as well… I feel like I WANT to detach more from my business – both mentally and time-wise – but I feel like I have made it such a habit and almost an addiction to be constantly IN my business over the last couple of years. Any help would be appreciated!


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