Q&A: Confusion in business

Hi Lacey! I’m in a state of confusion in one of my businesses. I have been doing it for 11 years, and fully online since 2019. Lately, I have been struggling with it. I understand the social selling side – posting, engaging and converting leads – however I’m feeling a big sense of strain and dread over this business. I’m not feeling satisfied with it anymore. I honestly feel I am forcing myself to continue for my employees. I know my audience may need more educating into what we do to convert easier. However, when you feel like it’s an effort to even schedule content for the business, let alone work in it, is it a mindset thing or something else? I don’t have a business – or income – back up as such. I have been restructuring another business, and I am currently beta testing so that does light me up and I can make something of it depending on the testing and results, but that is 6 months away at the earliest! What do you suggest? What do I do about the strain I feel currently in the business I’m struggling with?


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