Q&A: Clarity on Messaging

This is the messaging, or elevator pitch, that I led with in 2023, but I wonder if it’s not clear enough and if that’s what is a part of keeping me from activating the ready and most motivated people in my audience: “I serve high achieving coaches, consultants, course creators, and service providers who are determined to grow, leverage, and scale their businesses by helping them to actively increase their visibility and stand out as experts and leaders, while executing marketing strategies tied to ambitious sales targets so that they can be more profitable while making a big impact in the lives of their clients and community.” I have revised it to this, but I wonder if it still sounds lacking or unclear. Here is the revision: “I support coaches and consultants with marketing strategies and business systems that enable them to grow, leverage, and scale their businesses. That includes strategies around visibility, lead gen, community building, content marketing, relationship building, launching and sales. Some of the business systems my clients learn includes program creation, delivery, and support with best practices for business management and operations.” Can you give me some feedback on this please?



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