Q&A: Clarifying niche

I have invested in multiple business coaching programs (Group set up) and Done the “avatar” and “niching” process, more times than I can count. Yet, I still am not sure if I’m adequately communicating my niche through my marketing, in an effective way. I’m getting no bites, so I’m assuming I’m not marketing effectively and am wondering if it’s because I’m not being clear in my niche. I help high performing, high achieving, driven and busy leaders and professionals to create legitimate life balance, because lack of balance impacts the bottom line at work and at home. In essence, I work with the “doer” whose sacrificed their own health and relationships in the name of support and success. I LOVE working with men and women- I don’t want to choose just one. BUT, I have passion to help the parenting professionals who fit this description, as well as the CEO level adult that may not have children. I’m wondering if I’m getting stuck around this part- marketing to the high performer who is parenting vs the one who isn’t? How would you niche down with something like this that seems subtle yet pretty important, all at the same time?


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