Community Q&A

As being part of my coaching waitlist, I offer the opportunity to submit questions for me to answer via video. Whether you have a specific sales question, a mindset hang up, or a Q about strategy, waitlisters can ask anything on their mind. You can listen to all of the community Q&As I’ve answered here – I bet the question you’re sitting with has been asked!


I want to grow my client base but I don’t want to be on social media and I’m not ready for ads yet. I don’t

This is the messaging, or elevator pitch, that I led with in 2023, but I wonder if it’s not clear enough and if that’s what

Hi Lacey! I’m a parenting coach. I’m in the process of defining my business model. Any ideas how I could use a partnership model with

Q: I’m brainstorming and trying to find other ways to grow my email list that don’t involve promoting a freebie, hosting an event, or collecting

If you were to highlight two things that make a very beginning program planning and eventual launch go well for someone with a relevant email


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