I may have been first on the scene with this mentality, but…
I believe the best way to get rich is because your clients are getting rich, too.

The Partnership Model™
1:1 Coaching

You don't want another coach, you want a partner

You’ve probably tried the things.

You’ve been in the masterminds, the group programs, and have one (or twenty?) too many courses gathering dust on your internet shelves.

But what you really want is DEEP support. Maybe what you’re craving is someone to support you in the way you feel like you support others?

Maybe what you want is someone who gets the nuance of both desiring massive success AND wanting it in a way that actually serves you as a person?

Maybe you want to feel like YOU (who you are at your core) matter to the person you’re working with and like you’re more than just a sales number or shiny testimonial?

Maybe you want a coach who makes money BECAUSE you make money? Who is truly invested in your success and doesn’t just dip once their payment has come in?

I get it. I get ALL. OF. IT.

That’s why I’ve built my 6 month container the way I have with revenue share, and continue to serve clients in a 1:1 capacity the way I do.

Using my Mindset, Strategy, Execution® framework, I’ll partner with you to grow a seven-figure business that you can not only sustain, but scale.

A business where you matter. A business where you feel seen and held. A business that provides you with financial resources you need and the ability to support and resource others as you grow.

Create success that actually FEELS like success.

This whole build a successful business thing? It’s a LOT simpler than you’re making it out to be.

And it’s a lot simpler than most of the online space wants you to believe it is, too.

As Frederich Nietzsche said, “They muddy the water, to make it seem deep.”

I basically just described the whole industry for you in a single sentence written 200 years ago. They make it seem complicated so you buy more.

But here? We don’t play that game. My job is to remove all the BS and make the water clear.

I’m here to help you make more money, but I also know it matters HOW you make that money. I want you to FEEL like a millionaire – not just have a bank account that says you’re one.

Let me tell you a little bit about me…

I am truly one of the happiest entrepreneurs I know. But this didn’t happen by accident. It also didn’t happen because I hit seven-figures or had great client results. It happened because I built an imperfect business that was perfect FOR ME. That is what led to the seven-figures and the client results. This is what I help my clients do.

Because of these things… I hold a lot of nuance for my clients. I bring the smart strategy and I also bring the unconditional  positive regard. I bring the ability to say  the really hard thing, and also make sure you’re loved and supported in the processing of it.

Ultimately, I want for you what YOU want for you.

Which I know is…

Is The Partnership Model™ 1:1 right for you?

You could be in an entirely different place in just 6 months with a partner who is truly there to support you.

My clients come from a variety of backgrounds, have a variety of business models, work in a variety of industries and all create success doing things THEIR way. If you’re committed to creating the business and life of your dreams, I know I can help.

Here are a few of my clients’ results:

  • 25 of the clients that have worked with me in the last year alone have gone on to make $100k+ per year in business. Most are in the multiple six and seven figure bracket.
  • 4 clients that have worked with me in the last year have created million and multi-million dollar businesses and we’ve taken over 8 clients 0-7 figures.
  • Many clients have built 6-figure businesses working only 25 hours per week or less.
  • One client grew from $0 to a $500k launch in 6 months. Another client grew from $0 to $1 million in less than a year. A different client grew from $0 to $300k in two years and another from $0 to $600k in sales in less than 10 months.
  • My clients have grown from $5k to $90k months, $10k to $60k months, $10k to $300k months, and much more.
  • A client who runs a digital marketing agency added $80k in 3 months, a client who is a health coach makes $250k per year, and an Intuitive Eating coach who left her job, replaced her income and crossed five-figure months.
  • Clients have hit $20k months their second month in business and made $100k just six months after leaving jobs.
  • A client came to me making less than $5k per month and went on to make $300k in a year, and $1,000,000 the year after that.
I know how to apply the foundations and principles of sustainable success to ANY business.

My clients fill out 1:1 coaching programs, have six and multiple-six figure program launches, sell out masterminds (weeks before the cart closes), fill memberships, and create successful shops… because we find what fits THEM.

And my commitment is to do the same for you!

Clients are saying...

Ready for a business that’s sustainable, scaleable, and actually FEELS good to run?

(without all the illusive tactics that promise to “solve everything” but leave you feeling even more stuck?)


  • (18) 45-minute one-on-one calls with me (3 calls per month plus one week for implementation)
  • Full access to me via Basecamp between calls so that we can connect, celebrate, answer questions, and move you forward faster.
  • A true partner (I want you to feel deeply supported in your business and know that we’re in this together)
  • Relevant templates, materials, and other content tailored to you and your growth so that you have exactly what you need to move forward the fastest

Bonus Materials:

  • My Value-Centered Sales® Program to help you sell in a way that feels good to you + your audience so that you create more conversions, sign more clients, and see more consistent cash in your business (value: $2000)
  • Access to the Measure & Maximize program (from my other business, Datable) so you and your team can learn how to gather + leverage data in your business to maximize your time, money, and energy to get the biggest results (value: $1297)
  • The Metrics That Make A Difference Tracking Sheet so you can keep track of not only the practical metrics of your business but the less tangible ones too (like confidence and impact)
  • My MSE Framework where you’ll get to go DEEP on the mindset, strategy and execution in your business and create a 90 day plan to capitalize on what’s already working and upgrade what’s not

With you every step of the way...

through these three essential components


I believe mindset is the biggest piece of the success equation. In our work together you should be prepared to be met where you’re at, to be asked the uncomfortable questions, to be called to think about things differently, and to be willing to deep dive into everything that is holding you back from getting what you ultimately want most.

PRO TIP: The biggest problem most high-achievers have is the belief that something is standing between them and their desires.


Creating a clear path to achieving your desires is essential to bringing them to life. We’ll work together to create a strategy that fits you and your business. It won’t be a cookie-cutter system because that’s not how real business works, but we will focus on the simplest strategy that will allow you to serve yourself and your clients most effectively. In our work together you should be prepared to be challenged to drop the shiny object syndrome, to focus on ease + enjoyment, to think like a CEO, and to understand the real components that create good strategy so you can apply them to what works best for you holistically (i.e. in terms of the life, hours, commitments, and preferences you have).


Follow-through and personal responsibility are the final keys to bringing the results you desire into reality. Luckily, I’m like a magical unicorn when it comes to helping my clients get to a place where they are executing like the CEOs they are. In our work together you should be prepared to often be asked to do less, not more, to be challenged to delegate (yes, even if you can ‘do it better yourself’), and to be called to finding your own version of consistency that you can live into every day. That looks like a willingness to get uncomfortable when necessary, and an even deeper willingness to have fun on the journey (and not just at the destination).

If we put these elements together in your business in the right way and you show up for them, you will see results. I can’t promise you EXACTLY what those will be or EXACTLY how long it will take, but I can tell you these are the essential ingredients to getting what you want.

My promise to you is that I will show up 100% for our work together. 

The only question I have for you is- are you ready to do the same?


$1250/month plus 10% of new revenue generated, paid on a monthly basis


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Frequently Asked Questions

There are many reasons I’ve implemented The Partnership Model™ into my business – for example, because you’ve been burned before, because there’s a lot of fluff in this industry, because I’m really good at what I do, because I like to put my money where my mouth is, because you deserve a real partner in your business – but the main reason is this: This container gets you the best results.

The Partnership Model™ is the absolute best way to serve you and facilitate your growth. If you want to hear more about this model and why it works so well, listen to this audio clip “LITerally Bonus Episode: What I REALLY think about profit sharing in my business”

For the results I have and especially for the results I help my clients achieve, I am the most reasonably priced coach you could hire hands down. Because of the partnership model, I make the majority of my money when my clients make money.

Sure, my base rate is great (compare my base rate with others and watch your mind explode), but what I love most about my 1:1 work is that I’ve created a model that lets me (quite literally) partner with you in your biz. There’s something incredibly special that happens when you not only invest in yourself but you also hire someone to partner with you along the journey. (And I’m the ONLY coach you can hire to do this.)

But let me be clear… you shouldn’t hire me because my base rate is low. The truth is, some of my clients pay me over five-figures per month based on their revenue and the results I’ve helped them achieve (and do so happily). You should hire me because you know this model and this idea of partnering together lights you up too.

Currently, we don’t know when spots will open because we have a VERY high client retention rate (95-100% at the time this was written), and because we dedicate a lot of personal energy and attention to each of our clients. These are both things I am incredibly proud of at A Lit Up Life, so while you may have to wait a bit longer I think these two things make it clear that it will be worth it. If you want to find out more about where we’re at in this process, just email us at support@alituplife.com

Yes, we do virtual intensives that you can read about here. We release those to the wait list periodically, so being on the wait list is the best way to access them. You can also reach out to me at lacey@alituplife.com if you have a specific request for an in-person VIP intensive which I do periodically as well.

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