Tripling income, getting booked solid, and launching with ease

The goal of this series is to help you see that there are different ways to get massive results in your business, and that the best way is the one that actually fits YOU.

In other words, success is not about one strategy, one plan, or one mindset practice. Ultimately, it’s about running your own business (and your own race) and finding what gets you and your audience inspired.

So, without further ado, let’s break down another result — and the Mindset, Strategy, and Execution that was key to getting there. You’ll notice this file is a little bit different… Since I’ve just completed the fifth round of applications for A Lit Up Partnership, I’m highlighting multiple results of previous partnership clients and giving you an inside look at why I keep running this process.

You ready?!



THREE clients tripled their income during our six months together. One in particular also increased her audience size and the number of booked discovery calls all while working waaayy less. Another client booked out a retreat and built a waitlist for her NEXT retreat… while also running the biggest (and easiest) launch she’s ever had. A different partnership client sold out a group program (for the first time), raised her prices, started bringing in passive income, and grew her community by the thousands. One more quit her 9-5 DURING the partnership and booked out a 1:1 practice… TWICE, y’all! And finally, one last partner went full time in her business, moved to Bali, started making consistent 10k months, and grew her Facebook group tenfold.

Want to hear these ladies tell their stories first hand? Watch the videos below!









Partnership clients do SERIOUS mindset work. In specific, they create a rock solid belief in their business… through my rock solid belief in them. Most partnership clients walk away saying things like: “This process helped me overcome so many negative and false beliefs keeping me stuck”… or “You helped me believe in myself and my business and reach new confidence levels.” When you believe something will work, it often does.



When partnership clients start working with me, they always think they need more of what they have. Meaning, if they’re a strategy person they want MORE strategy. If they’re an execution person, they want MORE tasks and to-dos. When it comes to investing in a coach through a program like the Lit Up Partnership, it’s important we lean into the areas we really don’t want but really do need. THAT’S the world class strategy these partnership clients adopt. Is it comfortable? Often not. Is it effective? You better believe it.



Partnership clients are INCREDIBLY consistent. In fact, it’s a non-negotiable. Because when beginning or scaling a business it can be SO tempting to try #allthethings, to chase shiny objects, and to think we have a better chance of creating success if we do MORE of just about anything. Buuuut that’s almost never true, and it leaves us doing less of everything. It confuses your message, your audience, and your offers. It also makes it nearly impossible to do anything “well”. These clients saw massive results because they showed up, focused on 1-2 of the RIGHT things, executed on the regular, and got. it. done.



These are the things I want you to take from this email and apply to your own business!

  1. Believe that success is possible for YOU. It’s a non-negotiable to return to your mindset, and your belief system, if you want to see BIG results.
  2. Let your passion lead. Passion is what will keep you going. It’s what will motivate you to put in the required work. It’s also what will DRAW IN your clients.
  3. Show up. Consistently. Nothing replaces the results that come from being there for your community.
  4. Stay detached from the outcome. Both desire, name and claim what you want AND do your own mindset work to not feel like you have to force, push, or create desperation around it. That’s where the magic happens.

I hope this helps to really illustrate that there’s not ONE magic secret to success, except for finding the secret that fits YOU.