The top 5 things things I’ve seen make the difference in so many clients going 0-six figures, and multiple clients going to seven figures

In the Client Files series, over the course of two years I shared some amazing client stories, like going from $844 to $25k+ per month, hitting $120k in sales in 2 months with entirely organic strategy, and building a 7-figure business in under a year. In honor of that, I wanted to do something special for this edition (instead of giving you a client breakdown).

I decided to make a video where I share the top 5 things things I’ve seen make the biggest difference while helping dozens of clients go from 0-six figures and multiple clients go to seven figures.

In this video, I’ll walk you through the over-arching concepts that I’ve seen be most important in creating that level of success, including how they work on mindset, what lens they view strategy through, and what they genuinely care about the most in their businesses.

It’s my hope that not only does this give you a behind the scenes view that reminds you to do it your way as always- but gives you a really solid, grounded perspective on the threads that weave through ALL of these clients that truly makes the biggest difference in long-term success.




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