THRIVING even when life throws you a curveball

If I haven’t already made it obvious… let me say it again:

There’s no ONE path to success. There is only YOUR path to success.

And that’s what these client files are all about… showing you different clients and their path to success. I want you to see that, though they are all different, they all focus on 3 key pieces that you can and should fit to you and your business.

Those pieces are: mindset, strategy, and execution.



This client has had some SERIOUS results. In my Value-Centered Sales® Mastermind she had her first $10k month. We then went on to coach together privately where she made that the new normal, consistently increased her revenue and conversion rate, and is now generating the most profit she ever has in her business. But financial results only matter if your life is lit up too, right?

During our time together this client got thrown the BIGGEST life curveball of any client I’ve ever worked with.

She then went through SO much change because of it. Quite literally, changing everything from her relationship, to her state, to her home (multiple times), to her business model.

And now? She’s THRIVING. She is LIT UP, ya’ll.

She made that mess SERVE her, GROW her, and CHANGE her (+ her business). Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t rainbows and unicorns but she was determined not to let it impact her business, and while of course she had some ebbs and flows and less time to work than normal, she came out on the other side in the most BEAUTIFUL way.

It was like seeing the caterpillar become the butterfly. She is TRULY living a lit up life now. And that result, in my opinion, is PRICELESS.



As you can imagine, this one was a doozy. As things happened that felt SO outside of her control (and trust me, she’s a major control freak so that ain’t easy) I watched her double down on mindset and find power in herself in the most epic way. She learned to trust herself in a situation that could have led to anything but. She learned to give herself grace in a situation that had very little grace in it. How? She did the mindset work EVERY. EFFING. DAY.



This client is SUPER strategic and a marketing whiz, but as things shifted in her life the need for her to shift her business model and time commitment was clear. We committed to a new model, and though her strategy brain wanted to shift things many a time, she truly dug her heels in, stayed committed and watched the results pour in from that continued effort and focus in a single direction. She used to be someone who launched A LOT and so we backed off the launch model, doubled down on 1:1, raised her prices, and got her converting like whoa. It paid off in less pressure, more flexibility, more downtime, and clients she LOVES.



This woman can EXECUTE. She’s really efficient, but as you can imagine, having such a heavy life event occur changes your productivity level. She really gave herself grace to execute when she could and rest when she couldn’t. I think that grace was SUCH an important factor because she never spent time beating herself up, but always thinking about how she could move forward (even if that meant she had to rest FIRST). Because of that, she executed and stayed consistent WAY more often than not and reaped the rewards in her results.



The things I hope you takeaway from this client are:

  1. EVEN if life throws you a TREMENDOUS challenge, YOU are truly the only deciding factor in your results. This client showed me what it looked like to really DECIDE. She FULLY decided that this event wasn’t going to shake her business or change her purpose and I watched as she made sure that didn’t happen, stepped into her power, and stayed true to that decision Even, and especially, when it was hard.
  2. Change your business model to match your life and needs (don’t try to fit your entire life around your business model). As her life shifted it was SO important that we were willing to shift her work hours and business model with it. Now, that doesn’t mean I’m recommending that you change things on a day to day or month to month business, but when big changes occur in your life, don’t hesitate to adjust your business to fit them so you can truly live a lit up life ALONG WITH running a profitable business.
  3. Do the mindset work SO THAT you can show up and execute effectively, even during challenging times. The mindset work is the thing I harp on the MOST because it’s the thing that impacts how committed you stay to your strategy, and how consistently + effectively you execute to it. This client was ABLE to show up during tough times because she doubled down on the mindset work. It’s what gave her the strength and power to make sure this event didn’t derail her, but allowed her to truly grow and thrive.

I hope this helps and really illustrates that there’s not ONE magic secret to success, except for finding the secret that fits YOU. And then when you do? The results you’ve been searching for start showing up faster than you can say “mindset, strategy, and execution”.





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