Sustainable success: working less + making more

If I haven’t already made it obvious… let me say it again:

There’s no ONE path to success. There is only YOUR path to success.

And that’s what I endeavor to show you in these client files…. different clients and their path to success and how you can see that, though they are all their own journeys, they all focus on 3 key pieces that you can fit to you and your business.

Those pieces are: mindset, strategy, and execution (which we’ll of course go deep on below).

This particular client file is an extremely important case study of MSE because it shows you that while the big growth years are flashiest and may SEEM the best, sometimes the years when you rebuild your foundation while working less and making more are just as amazing and just as important.

What I’m committed to with these Client Files is showing you the REAL behind the scenes. And sometimes that’s BIG, FAST growth. And sometimes it’s sustainable, deepening of success that TRULY feels like success.

Both matter. Both are important.

So let’s dive in…



This client and I have been working together for quite some time! So while I could list everything from getting full for the first time, to hitting six figures, and more… I’ll focus on 2020!

This client: successfully grew a podcast, launched a new program multiple times (to fully build out her offer ladder), expanded and grew her team (with incredible team members), kept her practice and masterminds full (and reworked one of the mastermind offers to align so much more effectively), and worked LESS. THAN. EVER.

Best of all, this client added an additional $40k cash over the previous year. She’s SO CLOSE to multi-six figures it’s not even funny, and it’s INEVITABLE that it happens next year.

Ultimately, she was able to work less, make more, re-work her entire offer ladder, and build out her team.

Here’s why I wanted to share this client file in particular::

Because these are the years that MATTER in business.

I know in our industry to add $40k sometimes isn’t seen as this uber sexy thing. We want to add six figures, we want to go to one million, we want to grow SO. FAST.

And while I LOVE me some fast growth- to have a year that builds the ENTIRE foundation for fast growth while working less and adding $40k to your bottom line?

To me, that’s just as good if not better. Why? Because it sets you up for long-term success that actually FEELS like success.

**I also have to note here that I ALWAYS send these to the client for their approval before I send them out. I want to make sure I’m getting all the facts right, that they’re in agreement with what I’m sharing, and that it feels good to them to be featured. When I reached out to this particular client she actually added something that I’m just going to quote directly because it’s so good and really important context straight from her mouth::::

“Don’t forget, I purposely decided to NOT launch a specific program at a certain time and to NOT add on more private clients so that I could focus on making these tweaks. Meaning I was prepared to make less money but ended up STILL making more…by not only working less, but by offering less than usual, and stepping into the business model I really wanted.”

—> SO good right? So not only did she give herself the time to reset but she actually intentionally pulled back on a lot and had fully prepared herself mindset wise to make less- and ended up +$40k cash in the craziest year ever. Pretty dang impressive.



This client has done some SERIOUS reframes mindset wise. Her old pattern would be to calculate out how long it would take before she’d be at “zero” income in her business (seriously she would know to the exact date EVEN IF it was 6mo+ out). This year has been about her FULLY leaning into belief that it’s not even possible for that to happen. She’s worried less, trusted more, and has been able to work less because of it. I’ve MARVELED at how far she’s come mindset wise and how much she’s shifted from scarcity to abundance which is what I believe LET her slow down this year, make these important strategy shifts, and actually make way more even during that reset.



This year was ALL ABOUT re-working the strategy. As her business grew… she needed a more present and impactful team and multiple positions. She needed a new front end offer for people to come into, and she needed to shift one of her mastermind offers to be more specific and outcome oriented. And most of all? She needed to hustle less and rest more. And so this year? It was about all of that. That looked like building and launching a new program (multiple times), rebuilding a mastermind, and hiring & onboarding team. Basically, this client put herself in a position to make fast growth in the future easier and to grow in a way that feels good, sustainable, and supported.



Ironically, this client has executed LESS than ever. But she’s gotten a team on board that’s executed MORE than ever. Trust me, if you want to go to multi-six figures and beyond- that’s an absolute necessity. We can only get so far when it’s ALL on us. And while this client had team members in the past, she expanded her team, hired high level help and delegated in a much deeper way. It’s interesting to note that as soon as she trusted herself more and shifted out of scarcity she was able to trust the team more and get even more abundantly supported (it always starts with us right?). Ultimately, she did a great job of onboarding and utilizing her team and was able to make more and work less because of it.



The things I hope you take away from this client are:

  1. Sometimes we need to rebuild the foundation so we CAN expand into the next level. As your business grows, your business’s needs change, your needs change, and often your audience’s’ needs change too. This client could have plowed through the year with the same team and offers she had and she may have even made more initially. However, she would have worked WAY too much, she would have been WAY more stressed, and she would have wondered WTF she was going to do next since she’d been bandaid-ing everything. But because she’s smart- she didn’t let that happen. She listened to herself, we looked at her business long-term, and we took the data her audience was giving us. Then? We freaking DID something about it, even and especially when that was the “harder” thing to do. And not only did that pay off in an additional $40k but more time, more freedom, and way more opportunities long-term.
  2. An additional $40k is a BIG. EFFING. DEAL. But really though.. Isn’t it SO interesting how in our space that can seem like small potatoes to some, but tell someone you got a $40k raise this year and worked less and watch their eyes bug out of their head! I want to celebrate how wildly amazing and important it is to see this as AWESOME. I think it’s so detrimental how our industry is constantly telling us we should be doubling, tripling, etc. year over year. In my opinion, that’s not sustainable growth long-term. I’m here to celebrate big wins like THIS because I know it also means this business will be around for the long-haul.
  3. Play the long-game. Sustainability is EVERYTHING for long-term growth and long-term happiness and taking the time to create those structures and support in your business and lessen your own time investment is so key. If you’re always trying to chase how to add the six figures or the $40k to each MONTH- you’re probably going to work way too much and burn way the heck out. If you’re willing to have the years where you work less and grow WHILE setting a foundation (i.e. its not at 10x speed)… You’re going to be able to stay in it WAY longer and ultimately create way more success because of it. Seriously, would you rather create $1 million one year, or $500k every year for 10 years? See my point?


As always, the goal isn’t for you to have to be on the same path as this client, but it is to remind you that the big results are in mindset, strategy, and execution and getting support that TRULY fits you and can help you see and shift the things that are keeping you stuck.




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