Six figure business working 25 hours per week (or less)

If you know me, you know the ONE thing that I’m most passionate about is creating A Lit Up Life and Business… and the way to do that?

It’s to do it YOUR WAY.

That’s why I write these client files and that’s why I took a massive risk in creating my podcast, LITerally. Because it’s my mission to help other women see that they can have what they want BUT they’re path has to look like THEIR OWN (not someone else’s)!



This woman is a rock star, ya’ll. She’s built her business while keeping her priorities MASSIVELY aligned. Being a mom to her sweet child is her biggest and most important priority, so she has built a six figure business and replaced a killer corporate salary all while working 25 hours a week or less and taking A LOT of vacations with her family.

When she came to me she was crystal clear what was important to her and we’ve NEVER deviated from making those things a priority FIRST and making the business work AROUND them. She also had no clients when we started working together, and now she’s ALWAYS full and on a wait list! Seriously, she has KILLED IT.

Being able to see her income, team and fulfillment grow continuously has been SUCH a fun journey and I love that she’s proven that you can have a successful six figure business WHILE being a really present mom AND having super happy clients.



This client came to me from a corporate position where strategy was KING. She loved systems and plans (and still does!) and wanted to dive into planning the next million months of her business 😜 But we started to work on mindset, rewrite stories, and have her take her power back through mindset and not JUST planning and guess what? She has become a freaking mindset master (she’s basically Yoda). Our joke is that she even manifests things THROUGH ME all the time. For example, she recently decided she wanted me to offer a Mastermind, which I DID NOT at the time. She never told me this, but just a matter of days later I opened invite-only opportunities to join a high-level mastermind I had decided to host. She’s goooood, this one!



This client has REALLY focused on organic marketing. She knows her audience better than almost anyone I know, and is SO focused on speaking directly to them. She built her six figure business ENTIRELY on organic marketing, and now we’ve recently begun using FB ads which we’re getting EPIC results with. Why? Because she’s absolutely NAILED organic marketing and her understanding of her audience so putting money into ads was a total no brainer and is giving her massive results because she already knew her people and what they respond to/buy so well going in.



This client has REALLY focused on creating systems and structures. On 20 hours a week she has to be relentless about making her execution time count, and relentless about STOPPING and not justifying overworking or staying up late (and she holds that boundary like a BOSS). That means ensuring things are simple, streamlined and systematized in a big way. She literally CAN’T fly by the seat of her pants, and she has used systems and structures TO create her freedom, not to make her feel like she has less of it. We’ve also built a really strong team and though her team expenditures are the biggest line item in her business, that is totally worth it for her TO have that time with her family.


The things I hope you take away from this client are:

  1. Create strategy, execute, and spend money BASED ON your priorities. That will allow you to create success that FEELS like success (i.e. when you’re completely in alignment the results roll in SO MUCH faster and are SO MUCH more fun!)
  2. Go organic first if you have the time to invest. If you can nail your message, niche, and sales organically then when you put paid traffic behind it, you’ll be SOOOO far ahead of the game.
  3. You can be a planner who LOVES systems and structures WHILE manifesting like a mofo. Those things aren’t separate, and if you can combine the two? You’ll get what you want, every freaking time!


I hope this helps and really illustrates that there’s not ONE magic secret to success, except for finding the secret that fits YOU. And then when you do? The sky is the limit as far as results!




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